Monday, January 23, 2017

I expect civil war someplace in Europe soon.

There has been a concerted effort by the European elite to flood their countries with young toughs and bullies who have grown hard and calloused and bitter from having grown up in shit holes in N. Africa and surrounding.  The politicians thought they were importing voters who would bend to their will if only the politicians stole from their own people and gave freely to the refugees.  In this way people like Merkel imagined themselves to be in power for life.

But the refugees don't want to be humble or thankful.  They don't want to have to pay their dues as the new kids on the block.  They simply want to be free to continue their old world low class ways in more evolved societies.  Interestingly, they have a plan for it which is to have as many children as possible and simply displace the native population within 20 years.  It's interesting because it is totally credible and totally supported by math.  Westernized families are very small with many millennials of western countries opting for no children at all.  But these Muslim refugees think that 5 ppl is a small family and that you must try harder for Allah.

At first the people listened to their corrupt leaders because the people were under the spell of liberalism in which you stop thinking for yourself, stop coming to logical conclusions based on obvious facts and instead let group-think leaders do all the thinking for you.  But now you can hear the fear in the voices of the young people as they see just how big and how real the threat has become.  Now they are finally waking up (as I said they eventually would) to realize  what idiots and patsies they have become.

Unfortunately there is no good solution for this situation.  N. African Muslims are like Africanized killer bees, in aggregate.   Once they (in aggregate!) settle in they will need more and more territory for their rapidly expanding numbers.  Their obvious view of German law is that it is a weak joke and so they violate it left and right and there simply isn't enough enforcement to stop them.  At least not enough liberal German enforcement.  Back in their N. African homelands, these kinds of crime:groping and raping of women, theft and property destruction, etc. would be punished harshly - with a cut off hand or severed head or to be stoned to death.  So when these people come to Europe and see that no hands are cut off and no heads are rolling, well it's like a kind of Disneyland for hardened sociopath criminals.

Because of this huge miscalculation by that flaming liberal asshole Merkel and people like her, something bad is coming.  The Europeans not just of Germany but of all the Euro-locations where refugees have concentrated have two choices: continue to be civil (i.e. weak and vulnerable) OR to wish with all their hearts that another Hitler sociopath will arise and clean up the mess that Merkel made.  It will take them some more time to come to it but a new Hitler cometh.  These same liberals who never would have in a million years thought that they would ever be left in the position of begging for a strongman like Hitler to come take power will be the loudest ones calling for his spirit to return.

By my estimation, short of every German man, woman and child over 16 years of age to go buy a gun and then kill on sight every imported terrorist who steps over the line, the government strongman approach is the only other way out of this.  Either that or just leave Germany and the rest of infected Europe to the N. Africanized killer bees and become refugees themselves.  

If you think this view is extreme then please consider that I don't care one way or the other about Muslims nor do I really give a shit what happens in Germany one way or the other.  Libertarians (true conservatives) believe in self determination.   My logic is that those liberal fools trusted their government too much and this is their reward.  Conservatives believe that you have to pay for your own mistakes otherwise nothing is learned.  The people should have moved to the borders in their thousands and stopped the migration.  They should have done it in their own self interest even if it meant taking down their government in order to do it.  But then again, Germans are like most other Euro nations - they have essentially been disarmed.  And so they have to pay for that egregious mistake as well.

Unfortunately these are not the ravings of a madman but rather the logical observations of a student of history.  I hate to be blunt here but Merkel is not going to tame or train the incoming displacement force.  They are well beyond her control.  She caused this problem and so she cannot be the solution.  The incoming invasive and aggressive species must be eradicated.  I don't want this but that is the cold hard fact of it.  All I'm waiting for now is for the people of these once liberal nations to decide that enough is too much.  I'm just waiting for them to elect and incentivize the next Hitler.  But this next time it is the Muslims and not the Jews who are going to be targeted. This is the pain that extreme liberalism hath brought down upon the European nations.  Fortunately, Obama is out of office now and Americans have been able to learn from the Euro migration disaster so steps will be taken very rapidly to ensure that an infestation of N. Africanized people does not occur in the US.

Failing that I think we will soon have an official hunting season on troublemakers here in the US.

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Augustine said...

It looks like the Czech president has been reading your blog:
Czech President Proposes Citizens Arm Themselves In Face of Terror Threat

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