Thursday, January 19, 2017

Mish identifies/codifies new class of fakeness

Mish is out today doing the undoable - he called John McCain, famous war hero and ex POW a "fake patriot".  All I can say to Mish is, "spot on".  McCain is no patriot.  He a warmonger elitist who  has outlived his usefulness in this world.  But McCain is just a member of a larger set of fake patriots who love our fake prosperity based on fake money.  All of them will ask for the police state to step up and save them if the eventual collapse turns out to be the unhappy pitchfork revolution type.

That a collapse will at some point occur is beyond debate.  The only question is how it will manifest itself.  With millions of heavily armed Americans it could actually go either way depending on who is leading the country when the collapse occurs.  IF we the armed citizens of the country believe that we have a real leader in charge we are more likely to turn our guns toward those trying to riot and tear the place down. IF we think that the guy in the top seat is a corrupt asshole who tries to disarm us or otherwise restrict our freedoms because he thinks it will allow the system to control us then the guns will be pointed at them.

Is it really all that difficult to understand?  I think Trump has read this which is why you see him not siding with the three letter government organization establishment but rather warring with them.  Also, I saw another government hack, Chuck Schumer, deliver another warning to Trump about going up against the nation's corrupt, inbred security infrastructure.  They are all smug about who really runs this joint.  Well I predict that Trump is going to come out on top of this.  Again, I am in the minority.  Everyone and their dog is afraid of the CIA, NSA, FBI, M.O.U.S.E.  But if they kill Trump then it will start a civil war.  I am convinced that this is the case.  And the minute that the herd senses patriot citizens are on the move, that is when 5 million gun-toting, fire breathing REAL patriots of the NRA and those who share their values without the affiliation will stand up and show whoever thinks they are going to overtly coup the USA what for.  The covert coup of the liberal years was bad enough.  We are going to walk that back now.

Come on, assholes in the three letter agencies, I double dog dare you.  Cross the line.  But I know you will back down because you are all bullies and pussies.  You are used to buying your way using Mammon money and that is not going to work this time.  This time you will have to actually fight with guns.  As soon as you go up against a capable force like I know now exists, you will run away screaming and your entire corrupt apparatus will collapse very quickly.  Trump will win this one way or another.

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