Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Thank the French for a new twist on the "everything is fake" theme: Fake Work.

Zero Hedge reports on the deepening political crisis in France where Francois Fillon, who used to be the leading candidate for the French presidency, was caught hand in the till paying his family more than a million Euro for services rendered.  The only problem with the whole thing is that she didn't do any work.  At least not for the French government.  Maybe he was paying her based on her bedroom services to him but the government wasn't getting any benefit from it.

Fillon of course must have been getting away with this kind of thing for years.  He probably began to believe that "high level bureaucrat" actually meant "royalty".   It's hard to blame him, really.  The liberal mood of the herd looked the other way each time someone was stealing from the people and so he began to believe that this was just the way it was, and in fact, the way it should be given that he was such a smart and important guy.

Well soon enough he can change his last name to "Felon" because he is getting caught late enough in the game that the easy hand slaps have all been given out to others.  Instead, he is going to get tossed under the bus and will end up with a felony conviction and a jail sentence.  This is all as I said it would be.  Right now it's the marginal players getting hit but soon enough the new conservative mood is going to want similar payment by the American elite. 

Memo to crooked US elite: if you have any common sense you will not wait for your crimes to catch up to you!  Instead you will quickly and quietly make arrangements to "permanently visit" a non-extradition country.  You will move your useless ass over there first and then send for your things later.  And you will keep the local government well greased in order to keep those who attempt to bring you to justice at bay.  GET OUT while you still can.  Time runs short now.

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