Sunday, January 29, 2017

"Entire state dept Sr. mgt team resigns": GOOD RIDDANCE

WaPo reports in dramatic fashion that the entire senior administrative staff of the State Dept just resigned supposedly as "part of an ongoing mass exodus of senior Foreign Service officers who don’t want to stick around for the Trump era".  Wow, how dramatic!  And bravo on the nice liberal spin, WaPo.  But the truth is that these senior people were part of the corrupt Clinton State Dept.  So their exodus is more likely to be their punishment for their parts in that snake's den than as some kind of moral aversion to accepting salary payments from the Trump administration.  After all, it seems clear to me that Trump is blowing smoke about not going after Hillary and these corrupt senior state dept criminals will certainly figure prominently in any Clinton era state department investigation done by the new sheriff.  Besides, you can't drain the swamp without getting rid of a few snakes.

The WaPo implication is that bureaucrats like this are hard to find, even at over-inflated State Dept salaries.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  These people have no special skills at all.  They are just parasites whose "services" will best be used in another industry such as septic tank cleaning or ditch digging.  They are not leaving the state dept because of their own moral convictions but rather because they have either been told to leave or because it has been made obvious to them that they will be better off gone by the time Hillary is indicted.  Good riddance I say.

But of course it is easy to make up spin either one way or the other.  I know I am right about this so I will put something on the line to back my position.  If the new state dept team has really lost anything of value with these exiting bozos then certainly it will show up in the state dept performance going forward.  After all, if you remove the wheels from a car, will it still drive smoothly and efficiently?  Of course not!  It will be a disaster to even try to drive it with major essential components removed.  But if all you did was peel a sticker off of the air cleaner and flush it down the toilet then, well, you won't notice anything untoward going forward, will you?  So if the new state dept begins in any way to embarrass the USA in any way then I will concede that WaPo's spin was probably correct: these were good people and we have lost something by losing them.  But if 6 months or a year go by and nothing bad happens then well I guess WaPo is full of shit (again) in their boring liberal spin on the situation.  Fair is fair after all.  Even WaPo should be held accountable for its propaganda, errrr, reporting.

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