Saturday, January 7, 2017

Czeching out of stupid tolerance and fake political correctness.

Well it looks like the EU has had enough of their own asinine policy of never ending tolerance and fake political correctness.  I say this because now there are actual Czech Republic government officials saying that the people of their country should not have to wait on the police in order to see justice done and to stop asshole terrorists.  The new recommendation appears to be that the Czech people should just arm themselves and then if they see a terrorist, shoot a terrorist. 

Oh sure, some additional weasel words are added such as "if the police are delayed, etc."  But what that Hell does that mean?  If the g-ddamned terrorist is shooting at me, the police are already waaay too late as soon as I hear the first shot.  What would the Czech government have the people do, avoid shooting back until some fixed time had transpired indicating that the police were late???  NO.  Once the people are armed, they should have the go ahead to use their best judgement in doing what they think is in their own personal interest and in the interest of safety of those around them.  And no, if a gun wielding citizen stupidly shoots an innocent, even as part of the defense of a terrorist attack, he should not be held harmless (like the cops are today).  You shoot the gun, you own the consequences.  Thus, get trained and stay proficient in order to minimize the chances that you will make a bad mistake in an emergency.

I don't know that the Czechs will actually pass the constitutional reform that was mentioned but it shows that there is a lot of pressure on the leaders to either stop the attacks or get the Hell out of the way of the people who can then stop the attacks on their own.  The truth is, we don't need any law enforcement if everyone or even if many is/are armed and trained and has/have accepted responsibility for their own security and for their own actions with a gun.  Guns are treated carelessly by so many simply because they are a novelty but there used to be a time when a gun was a tool, not a toy.  We need to get everyone to think like that again and we need to kick the corrupt police out of the way and retake responsibility for our own lives; our own well being and our own security.

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Augustine said...

When seconds count, the police are minutes away. So I guess that the Czechs can start shooting after 60s.

It's still earth shattering that an EU country is considering allowing and encouraging citizens to carry.

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