Tuesday, January 10, 2017

What's the REAL problem??

As usual, Mish shows that he totally gets it in a recent post wherein he writes, "The problem is not insufficient wages. The problem is fractional reserve lending coupled with a Fed hell-bent on creating inflation in a technologically deflationary world.".

Yes Mish, you are correct.  The problems are NOT:
  • Evil farmers overcharging for food
  • Evil oil industry overcharging for energy
  • Evil governments
  • Evil automation taking away jobs
  • Evil three letter agencies taking away privacy and even liberty
  • Evil income inequality
  • Evil lack of minimum wage
  • Evil lack of government sponsored health care or other services
  • etc. etc. etc.
Many of those things ARE evil but not intrinsically so.  They got evil/could only ever get evil  because the checks and balances of a real money system were tossed into the toilet starting the very day that the world stupidly agreed to back their currencies indirectly by gold via the USD (AKA Bretton Woods 1). 

The evil got supercharged when Nixon closed the gold window thus proving that the Bretton woods dollar was NEVER backed by gold (how good or true was that guarantee in reality if the minute the dollar holders decided to take us up on the gold convertibility guarantee, we defaulted on it... we must be honest that it was a lie from the start and those who put the scam together in the first place damned well knew it was a fraudulent scam).

Honest/real money is not the root of all evil folks; MAMMON MONEY is.  Mammon Money is the currency of the great deceiver.   Of all things, only Mammon Money has the power to undermine all of society, all of humanity.  It has the power to make us go to war and kill each other even though we really don't understand why we are pulling the trigger and dropping the bombs.  99% of all problems in the world are economic problems.  In a dishonest money regime, people don't get paid a fair amount of spending power for the work they do.  Some, like bankers, get wildly overpaid.  Others, like ditch diggers and roofers who work their assess off get paid like they were laying around all day.  Mammon money turns everything on its head.  Black becomes white, good becomes bad, con men are uplifted as leaders, the sick and aged are uplifted above productive labor Barrack Obama is literally worshiped by adoring fans and wins a Pulitzer peace prize before he even enters office whereas honest truth tellers Ross Perot and Ron Paul are called crazy kooks and mocked.

People don't fall in love with real money folks.  They use real money but they do not place it above family or personal values.  Why?  Because there really is no way to get ahead by doing so in an honest money regime.  There simply isn't enough of the honest money to throw around at unproductive/underhanded crap since nobody is allowed to print honest money up out of thin air. 

With honest money, the blue collar worker does not look at the banker with envy because the blue collar worker has a nice family and a great life.  It's nothing fancy but his needs are well met and he doesn't feel like he is getting f--ked in the deal.  Why?  Simply because the banker doesn't have too many accoutrements of the hyper wealthy.  He has a modest house, a modest car, no megayacht, etc.  In an honest money regime, the banker is not the douche bag leveraged gambler of everyone's savings and there is no "financial innovation" (code words for "criminal fraud").

In a fake money system, inequality is guaranteed to be driven into the herd over time; inequality is actually institutionalized by fake money.  The people who are clever with numbers and figures quickly figure out how to game the system so they get ahead (elitists).  Real workers who are good at producing real things but who don't catch on to abstract concepts very well (it hurts their heads to even think about such things...) get a raw deal and their stock just goes down and down and down until something causes a change, often times a revolution or civil war, etc. as written by the self proclaimed banking zillionaire I wrote about in this post.

If you return to a real money system, everything just fixes itself by the application of free market forces.  Government gets smaller simply because the people cannot be taxed enough to support huge government and also because nobody will lend so much real money to a government.  Fake money??  SURE, lend it to anyone no matter what the interest rate because after all nobody worked to get that money in the first place.  But it simply does NOT work like that with real money because by definition you cannot receive real money without working for it (or outright stealing it or gambling for it with theft and gambling being very obvious to see in a real money environment).

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