Tuesday, January 24, 2017

No liberal stronghold is safe from the conservative hurricane that is spinning up

It used to be that SNL (Saturday Night Livc) could be as irreverent and mean to anyone they wanted to.  Forget the fact that much of their stuff was kinder to liberals than to conservatives; these people were only joking anyway and even if many a truth is said in jest they were protected by their 1st amendment rights.

But SNL writer crossed the line when she recently tweeted, in jest obviously, that Barron Trump, the 10 year old son of president Trump, was going to be the first "homeschool shooter".  Yes, Trump is apparently such a bad guy that his son is genetically predisposed to mass murder according to the too-clever-for-her-own-good SNL writer who subsequently saw her adoring masses turn on her suddenly in the social media.  The writer had been so used to getting away with saying so many irreverent and disrespectful things that it didn't even seem wrong to her to essentially publicly bully a little boy.

In the past I don't think she would have gotten this reaction.  Clearly the writer thought she was not only going to get away with it but furthermore that her doting admirers would think her clever for it.  But many of the less emotional liberals who are not getting caught up in the anti Trump mania (how can it be anything but a mania since Trump hasn't even done anything to actually hate yet...) are starting to rein in their fellow liberals.

Well the suspension of the SNL comedy writer and the sudden and deep apology she offered will send out herding messages that yes, there are limits to all things liberal.  Even SNL one liners.

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