Friday, January 20, 2017

Look at the corrupt Clintons wither before our very eyes.

In this post I stated that the acid test for whether the Clinton Foundation was anything more than a front for government bribes was whether it would remain a going concern now that Hillary lost.  Well I think we know what the answer will be at this point because it was just announce that the Clinton Global Initiative is closing its doors suddenly now that corrupt Hillary has lost.  Donations to the criminal front have collapsed now that Hillary has no access to sell.  And its a good bet that nobody will be paying Hillary 500k, 50k, or even 5k for speaking appearances going forward because all those fees were nothing more than obvious bribes.  After all who really gives a shit what Hillary actually thinks or says?  Her only allure to her "donors" was that she had government power in her corrupt little Clinton hands.

We will now see Hillary grow old at an exponential rate and die within 5 years.  This bid for presidency was to be her last remaining attack on the people of the USA.  Now that she has lost she is like a salmon whose run is now finished.  Let her mill about in the shallow water until she dies.

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