Friday, January 27, 2017

My candid advice for Bill and Hillary Clinton

Civil unrest in the US is still brewing and I think the odds are high that at some point it will boil over into armed conflict with the liberals causing most of the problems (as I have predicted all along would be the case - those preaching tolerance and peace the loudest will be the first to abandon these false lie ideals of theirs when the tolerance and peace are not under their terms. Hypocrisy is a wildly liberal trait...).  One thing that could trigger a huge uprising would be the conviction and imprisonment of career criminal and traitor Hillary Clinton.  Unfortunately, it needs to happen as part of the "big heads will roll in order to gain supporter trust" principle.

During his campaign, Trump said many times that Hillary was crooked and that if he had anything to do with it she would be in jail.  But shortly after winning the election he walked that back in the face of nationwide riots by sore loser liberals.  Many of his supporters saw that as a broken promise.  But at the time I suggested the correct strategy would be for Trump to back down on this subject in public while clearing the way behind the scenes for Hillary to be indicted.  I wrote, "Trump just needs to stay out of it and let the law do its job.  The bad ship Hillary is now taking on water in rough seas and she will break up on the rocks without Trump politicizing her demise.  He should just get popcorn and a coke and watch the spectacle with the rest of us.".

Well don't look now but Trump's team is doing exactly what I suggested and you can see it clearly in this video of Trump lying and denying that he wants anyone to prosecute Hillary.  He says he wants to move past it but Trump has a shit poker face and an obvious tell.  Watch the vid and then look how Trump has to look away from the interviewer and how his eyes go into the "1000 yard stare" as he lies about the whole thing. 

Listen to his falsetto tone as he tries to sell the lie to the liberals.  He's literally trying to smooth talk them.  Compare this act with how he talks about everything else in a direct, in your face matter of fact way.  Trump is a shitty liar and he is lying his ass off.  As soon as he is behind closed doors he is asking for status on Hillary's upcoming indictment IMO.

Hillary you treasonous bitch: I'm telling you for your own good and the good of this country that you and and that asshole Bill need to pack your shit and leave the USA for a non-extradition country ASAP.  DO NOT brazenly think you are just going to talk your way out of an indictment the next time justice comes sniffing around.  Your entire support network is in collapse.  Obama sold you out.  Flee this country while you still can.  Your best punishment would be to be persona non grata in every US allied country and to have Snowden type "man without a country" fugitive status (i.e. arrest on sight) in some crap hole non-extradition country.

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