Monday, January 16, 2017

Elite Samsung corporate royalty charged with bribery,

The global elite have begun to be called on the carpet by special prosecution teams.  The need for special teams arises because the regular teams are corrupt to the core, bought and paid for.  The powers that be now realize that there will be no moving forward until the people see some elite heads roll down the middle of the road in a public and humiliating way.

In this update of the ongoing scandal at Samsung, the CEO has been charged with bribery and is under investigation for embezzlement and perjury as well.  In other words they are throwing the book at him to see what will stick.  Samsung responded to the charges with, "It is difficult to understand the special prosecutors' decision".  Yes, I'll bet it is very difficult for the elite to understand why, after all these years of looking the other way, the legal system now suddenly seems to care about enforcing the law.  Well, the answer is clear to me: the people are so disillusioned with government that steps must be taken to restore confidence and if it takes the public execution (whether literally or in spirit) of a few elite, then rev up the busses because someone is going under.

For a long time now people have been under the impression that the elite are running things.  Nothing could be further than the truth.  As long as the herd had plenty to eat and bright hopes for the future, the elite parasites were simply tolerated.  Going forward, not so much.  If Bill and Hillary have any sense they will be booking travel to a non extradition country in the not too distant future.

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