Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Strong dollar or run for cover?

Today Mish provided a link to an interesting prezo from his buddy Steen at Saxo bank.  I think it's well worth a look.  One of the slides was a strangely annotated EW count on the dollar.  He puts annotations in the middle of the wave, not at the peaks or valleys.  In any case, I agree with his count and I believe that we are at or near or maybe even already past peak USD.  I have made specific recommendations on this for my subscribers and we successfully caught almost the exact bottom on gold and JNUG (which has already doubled from the bottom, thank you very much).

If there is one thing I can pretty much guarantee you going forward, that thing is volatility.  Since the fake green paper money is impossible to put a realistic value on, its trading value is really left to the mood of the herd.  And the dollar valuation is going to control everything because everything is priced in dollars.  Note how Steen, who is a high powered muckey muck at Saxo, didn't bother trying to do fundamental analysis on his charts in the prezo.  Its all controlled by emotion now - mood of the herd is running this show and the mood can and will be fickle.  If you want to have even the slightest clue about the next direction of many of today's most important stocks, indices and commodities, I invite you to join my growing subscriber base today.  At only $39.95 a month you get a ridiculously large amount of insight that is all data based with little personal opinion or emotion attached to it.  And the results since inception have been excellent.  Give it a try for a month.  What have you got to lose, $39.95???  Seriously?  If you have any money in the markets at all you will know what a joke level of cost that is for what you get from me.  You know where the subscribe button is.  I'm looking forward to seeing you on the subscriber blog in 2017.  We are going to kick some a$$.

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