Monday, January 16, 2017

Trump must be reading my blog...

One of my long standing themes to BOLO for was that when politicians realized that the sheeple were at the end of the road with the current con game, the only way forward would be to tell some embarrassing truths and for some heads to roll.  Well, Trump is going to go down as one of the most transparent and truthful presidents of our era and that is going to make him a folk hero for a time.  His transparency is already obvious since he uses twitter to telegraph major coming policy changes (even when they go against his election rhetoric that many want to view as "promises").  In other words, he's even being honest and transparent about his own lying. 

Additionally, he is not afraid to attack the media directly with accusations like "fake news".  In other words, he is telling the people not to trust the media.  Wow.  What other president in HISTORY ever got away with that $hit??  NOBODY.  But Trump will in fact get away with it.  You know why?  Because it's true.  The press is a mess.  People will see Trump telling these truths and they will begin to think everything he says is true. This is what every con man needs to do when dealing with Mark and Patsy are coming to him from the last con man where they were used and abused.

Here's another recent truth from Trump: "The U.K. is smart to leave the bloc because the EU “is basically a vehicle for Germany,” the Times quoted Trump as saying."

Well, well, well.  It was crazy when I said it : "France and Germany created the EU and the Euro for the express purpose of creating seemingly credit worthy customers for their exports in order to increase near term sales (i.e. pull in demand) by those who historically would inflate away their debts.  By pushing the PIIGS into a single currency it was sold to the world that the credit rating of PIIGS was somehow "magickly" better.  Of course, the illusionists conveniently ignored that, without the ability to inflate, the debtors would eventually have to default.  The grifters who set this all up wanted to sell the con that sovereign default was next to impossible even though math and history showed time and again that the only thing that stopped past defaults was the ability to inflate!  It was necessary to create this illusion of debt security in order to justify such large extensions of credit to those who could not possibly repay the debt."

So there is is now, out in the open because it was said by Trump: The EU was an artificial and thus unsustainable construct built mainly by Germany with the cheer leading of France.  It was done by Germany and France for Germany and France.  Now it's not so crazy sounding anymore, is it? 

The people will see these truths being told and they will love it.  Again, for a while.  It's going to get to a point where if Trump tweets against your business then someone might as well have taken a shotgun to your bottom line.  He is going to wield real political power with the people IMO and I mean far more than anyone gives him credit for being able to achieve at this point.  The reason will be because Trump is in fact good at seeing and taking advantage of weakness.  When Obama put red lines in the sand, others danced all over those lines and Obama was shown to be weak.  Trump will pound an iron fist on the first person that tries to punk him out like that because he knows that credibility is everything right now. 

That won't mean he is anything more than an adolescent boy and in fact just a cog in the coming collapse but I think some relatively good things will come from Trump for awhile, at least in the eyes of many on both sides of the aisle.  Many liberals will have to admit that they went off the deep end in their terror of what Trump might do to their lifestyles.

By the way, did you notice something very interesting in the article relative to pictures I have posted of Trump and wife in the recent past??  Nobody has been talking arms reductions with the Ruskies for quite some time now.  In fact, during mid to late stages of the Obama disaster presidency, the term "cold war" resurfaced again as a reality.  But Trump is playing the art of the deal and part of that art is knowing who is strong and who is weak in what ways so that deals can be struck that dovetail with those conditions.  He sees Russia as in sanctions Hell and he recognizes that they might be very willing to make bigger and better deals regarding arms reductions if Trump can ease some of that sanction pain.

And so the pictures I provided, which for those who have not yet figured it out, are from the now erased murals painted at the Denver airport, are actually becoming quite obvious as a prophecy of Trump making plowshares out of swords.  Note the part where it says he will use an iron fist.  Well Trump's policies so far remind me of exactly that.

Probably just another coincidence, yeah?

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