Friday, January 27, 2017

Normal, nonpolitical black guy discusses his experience at a Trump rally

In a world controlled by fake money, Mammon money, everything is turned on its head.  Something that is good is called bad and the other way around.  I've cited many examples of this.  Debt is good and "indicates the wealth of the country" while thrift and saving is a "paradox".  I especially like childish explanations of debt like this one which acknowledge the potential for collapse yet choose to like debt anyhow because for a time it can have positive impacts on the economy.  Never mind the fact that when that time ends there is complete chaos, societies are ruined, riots and starvation and massive crime become commonplace.  A similar argument can be made for heroin use.  It sure feels good until you are hooked and until your pusher keeps upping the price.  Then you have to turn to crime to feed your habit and are effectively enslaved by your own free will.  In both cases at some point the unsustainable system collapses and the result is far, far worse than if we had just avoided debt or drugs.

Besides all that, gold is thought of as a novelty or even a pet rock while fake paper money rises to the level of importance where people will lie, cheat, steal and murder for it.  Government becomes totally infected by it to the point where everything the government says means exactly the opposite.  Homeland security really means police state.  "Affordable care program" really means massive rise in cost which accompanies massive collapse in benefits.  It should now be understood that the pervasive message of tolerance of the liberal left is also a big lie.  They are tolerant of what they think will push their destructive agenda but radical and violent when they don't get what they want.  There is no better way to demonstrate this fact than first hand accounts from people like this guy who attended a Trump rally out of curiosity and who reported on his findings.  It's an eye opener for anyone who is swayed by the fake media and other fake control mechanisms running this show right now.

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