Saturday, January 7, 2017

Trump is on his way to becoming a folk hero

Trump is an immature adolescent boy in many ways but he's got some clever advisors and they appear to have established control over him already.  I predict we will see a far less big mouthed, far more restrained Trump moving forward.  No more childish tweet wars with individuals.  He's been made to realize that he cannot rule effectively alone even though lone wolfing has always been his style.  His recent tweets about it being stupid trying to drum up war with Russia are very well advised.  Instead of letting the liberal establishment start a war in order to distract from the condition of the nation that they caused, he's advising to let them own it.  If Trump thinks war needs to happen, he will do it on his own terms and not because he was led into it by the liberals.

By the way, did you recognize the close up I provided in this post?  You know, the picture of the adolescent boy that looks like Trump?  Do you know where it came from?  Have a look at the bigger picture and note the commentary of the caption (not mine).  Note that Trump's heritage is clearly German.  Probably all just a coincidence.