Saturday, January 7, 2017

Mish comes out swinging against the CIA...

One of the things we are going to see as everyone swings conservative is less and less love for three letter agencies of the US government who are running a protection racket against the American people.  First they tell us we are in danger and that we should fund a big fat bureaucratic lifetime pension security service which is unaccountable to the people and which engages in all sorts of illegal activity (watch for it folks, the revelations will be coming soon about what the top cops did when they thought nobody was looking),  They spy on us, they steal from us, they arrest us and jail us on a whim.  Truth be told, they kidnap, torture and kill us too with a complete trampling of the the constitution.  I'm telling you right now I don't need the CIA or the FBI or any other federal government level three letter security agency.  I think they cause more hard than they do good.  I think they are corrupt to the core.  And I simply do not want to pay for their lifetime pensions after they retire.  Nobody else in the working world gets that and neither should they.

But this is not new talk coming from me.  How many times have I written F the CIA, NSA, FBI, M.O.U.S.E?  Many times.  This is just old news.  What is not old news is how those who actually need / have needed to remain a bit more politically correct in the past are now opening up with attacks on the these same organizations that I have railed on for years now.  A guy like Mish has a lot to lose.  He's got a good paycheck coming in from ad revenue from his website.  I have chosen to forego the pursuit of ad money for my own reasons.  So perhaps it has been easier/less risky for me to write the things I have written.  But the fact that Mish is now saying similar things and in fact openly accusing the CIA of being liars, torturers and murderers should serve as good proof that my world view is unfolding at a rapid rate.  Mish is like other reporters who make money from their ad based revenue.  He has to wait until the risk of saying a thing falls to a certain level before he will risk saying it.  The herding signs that the herd now cares less and less about political correctness have not gone unnoticed by him and many others.

Expect the public conversation to get much harder, much more pointed in the future.  Expect the fade of all the useless drivel in Google "news" about some f-ing Kardashian b-t-h or what Oprah thinks or which Hollywood star took a selfie in a trendy bar last week.  People will stop caring about those things and they won't even know why they ever did care.  Here's another prediction that some will think is impossible: fantasy football will have collapsed within 5 years and will no longer be a part of our society within 10 years.  Why?  Because conservatives don't need to herd as tightly as liberals and within any individual there is a lot of room to lean left or right depending on what they think everyone else is doing/expects of them.  And expect many in the herd to stop all the hero worship over anyone who has a government job and to replace that feeling with a resentment of having to carry their useless asses through their pension programs when they retire.

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