Sunday, January 29, 2017

Pathetic Puerto Rico reveling in its own economic collapse.

Puerto Rico has a new con man running the old con game which has entered the collapse phase.  By now it's pretty clear to even the dimmest bulb that PR can't repay all of its $70 billion in debt.  Unfortunately, that's being way too kind because PR eventually won't repay ANY of it.  This is what the narrative of the new "leadership" is trying to obfuscate at present as it creates a new fiscal emergency law.  They are trying to keep the Ponzi plate spinning as long as they can, to maintain the corrupt status quo as long as they can.  The article says, "The new law allows Rossello to define which services are essential to health, safety and welfare, and set aside money in a "lockbox" to ensure their payment. Under the law, the island will try to pay as much of its $70 billion in debt as possible after payment of services.".

Well folks, when I see such rhetoric being used such as "money in a lockbox", I know it is elite speak for "there is no money and has not been for a long time".  PR has been using debt in order to create a US type lifestyle for an economy which is fundamentally more akin to a failed Caribbean socialistic crap hole.  Let me say it again: they have been using debt in order to provide these "essential services".  They never earned enough to afford them in the first place.  So the notion that they will apportion the existing / remaining wealth in such a way to ensure that such services will continue is a complete farce, a lie that was known to be a lie the moment it left the lips of the corrupt PR government.  Are THEY essential?  Well, it was they who got PR into $70 billion of debt.  It was they who oversaw the collapse into a 45 percent poverty rate.  So, NO the government assholes running that show are far from essential.  They are in fact the problem.  But I guarantee you that their salaries will fall under the list of things that must be maintained as "essential".

What an obvious con game.  The economically ignorant people of PR are being trampled under the feet of these elitist "leaders" who are doing nothing more than ensuring their own personal fortunes while watching the people grow poorer and poorer.  In a fair world the entire PR government would be driven into the sea by an armed populace but alas, the people of PR have essentially allowed themselves to be disarmed.  The old saying "never give a sucker an even break" is alive and well in this world and I'm telling you here and now that it will become increasingly obvious that the definition of "sucker" is and always has been "he that has no realistic means of self defense or self determination".  In other words, the disarmed.

Fortunately, there is hope for PR going forward because in 2015 most of the rules which kept PR citizens disarmed were deemed unconstitutional.  But if you keep a lion in a cage for long enough he will forget what freedom means or feels like.  And so just removing the legal bindings against having an armed populace does not immediately lead to having an armed populace.  It will take time for the people to realize that they need to care about this and in fact it might need the current tired generation to die off.  But with the cage door opened now I think that it will be increasingly more difficult for the government to continue using the PR citizens as door mats going forward.

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