Monday, January 16, 2017

Don't expect the tolerant/forgiving/pandering mood of society to last much longer

When everyone is happy and prosperity is easy, the herd is upbeat, tolerant of much, opening its arms to strangers, sad at everyone's loss, etc.

But when the mood turns down then all of the above are toned down or even go negative.  Today's evidence point that this is happening comes in the form of harsh comments about the death of a young girl.  The story is basically that a young woman got into a wreck a year ago and escaped with only minor injuries.   Then, a year later she was texting while driving again but this time she got in a wreck that took her life. 

A year ago the focus would have been about solace, sending prayers and love to the family in their time of need.  Today, not so much.  Today, the story almost mocks the girl in "Darwin Award" fashion for being a dumb ass by not learning her lesson from the last crash.  Expect less and less fake sympathy going forward and more and more tough love.

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