Monday, January 16, 2017

Apologies for making you suffer through it again but Trump will most likely attain folk hero status.

I just read another article about how people who only know Trump through the character assassination that has been done to him by the liberal left AND the liberal neo con right.  Everyone thinks he is the biggest loser on the planet.  I'll say again for the record, Trump's main flaw is that he never grew up emotionally.  Past that I think he is observant and intelligent.  I think he reads people pretty well too.  The people in the article have already made up their minds about him and their opinions are so low already that the only way forward now is up.

Sharp contrast to when Obama was taking over.   The SOB got a Pulitzer peace prize before he even took office for G-d's sake.  People were fawning over him and imbuing unto him all kinds of marvelous yet undeserved qualities and abilities.  But he was a complete and total failure and most of the people who voted for him are likely less well off than they were 8 years ago.

So when I read just the opposite happening to Trump right now I feel confident being in total disagreement with the liberals who are pretty much wrong about everything every time.  NOBODY but me is saying this "folk hero in the making" stuff right now (in fact quite the opposite) so it has to be viewed as a huge risk by many of my readers to make that kind of statement. But I predict that even very liberal lefties will feel compelled to admit that Trump isn't just "not as bad as they expected" but that they actually approve of most of what he does.

The story is bigger than this so I would not get lulled into complacency here.  I would use any temporary improvements in the economy to make further preps for the disaster which must some day unfold as the world loses confidence in the federal reserve.

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