Saturday, January 28, 2017

Rosie O'Donnell bandies about "martial law" as if it were so easy.

I've been out on business travel the first 2 weeks of January so I am behind in some of the recent herd happenings.  Thus I am just seeing where liberal fool Rosie O'Donnell recently "supported" the imposition of martial law in order to keep Trump from assuming the US presidency. 

As you know I am no Trump fan but if anyone had said this for Obama taking office then we all would have been called intolerant racists, blah blah blah. I think most people know just how much of an ass Rosie made of herself with such emotional outbreaks but for those who still don't get it, please consider this:  Those conservatives who voted Trump in have all the guns.  Those who voted in Obama count on the government for everything and are in large part unarmed and defenseless. 

Do you have any idea whatsoever what would have happened had someone been so stupid as to take Rosie up on her idea?  Very simply, we conservatives would have started shooting.  Additionally, history proves that once the shooting starts there is no reason to stop until there is no more opposition.  The target would be loud mouthed liberals who thought that they were going to take over the country using the government as their force mechanism.  It's the most ridiculous thing in the world to even consider here in the US.  Could it happen someplace else?? YES and it has happened many times that the likes of liberal Rosie have taken over their respective countries using police and military forces.  But that game will not play here in the US because we conservative Americans are armed and dangerous and ready to fight in order to maintain that posture.  We won't start the trouble but we will damned sure finish it.

I was just out at the gun range on Friday sighting my AR15 in at 250 yards.  Without much trouble I could make the center body mass metal target clang 8 or 9 times out of 10.  Then I tried the 600 yard targets and could do the same 3 times out of 10.  It's not fantastic shooting.  In fact it might not be much more than average given the 12 power scope and match grade trigger I am using.  And this is with run of the mill plinking ammo, not the good stuff.  Anyone who wants to go up against the armed American conservative citizenry is going to face that in battle.  Given our numbers advantage and given that at least half of the police and military will side with us, I just don't give those who think they can impose martial law upon us much of a chance of success.  As I said before, imposition of martial law for any reason for any time period is an overt act of war against the people and anyone who sees it differently is asking to be enslaved.

Rosie, listen up. The fact that everyone took you for a fool in your call for martial law probably saved your worthless life.

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