Sunday, January 22, 2017

Texas concealed carry wounds fleeing jewelry store robber

As the new herding direction increasingly deunifies, deglobalizes, brings down central control and power in favor of more individual control and power we are going to see more and more people taking back responsibility for their own protection AND protection of those around them in society.  The corrupt monopoly on security fostered by the now tumbling liberal police state will leave a huge vacuum which will be filled by armed, serious individuals.

This is not a new prediction by me but one that is now more than 2 years old.  However, we are now entering a 3rd wave and so the action is going to increase and in fact it will shock and astound many who do not see it coming and who will probably mistake it for something it is not.  There are a couple of evidence points for this very recently.  The weaker of the two points is the simple story about a Texas robbery of a jewelry store.  As the robbers fled with no police in sight, two men tried to stop them.  One of them was unarmed and he was killed in the confrontation.  The other was armed and he was able to injure one of the would be robbers to the extent that he was then easily taken into custody.

What are the lessons here?  Well, the guy who was unarmed was obviously affected by the new herd think.  He decided to take matters into his own hands but he was completely unprepared.  I feel sorry for the family of this guy since he was trying to do the right thing but I also feel that he got what he deserved.  Queue up the old joke about going to a gun fight with a knife.  Except that this guy didn't even have a knife!  That's just dumb.

Folks, not everyone has what it takes to carry a gun.  I get that.  But for G-d's sake, if you are going to put yourself in harm's way in order to play the good guy then use your head.  Don't bite off more than you can chew.  Know your own limitations and don't ever go up against a man with a gun unless you not only have a gun as well but you also have a tactical advantage.

So if that is the weaker of the proof points, what is the stronger?  Well, look no further than Trump's full inauguration speech.  He was very clear on what he said and he didn't cut anyone on the left or on the right any slack.  He said that all of Washington was in it to win it for themselves, the people be damned.  He didn't imply it politely folks, he said it matter of factly and without pulling any punches.  And he also said that, at least for now, that was going to stop.  He morally indicted every single member of congress and every president that was in attendance.  The media was shocked and dismayed by it.  They wanted him to make nice now that he won and then just settle back into the status quo.

That is not going to happen!  Trump is a dog with a bone and he knows that all of his power came from and will continue to come from the people.  He will never really get the time of day if he tries to integrate with the current establishment; they will treat him like he needs them more than they need him and Trump is not going to settle for that.  Trump is doing an end around on the establishment and he is surrounding himself with insiders who are turning coats on their old pals.  When people see ex Goldman Sach's high level execs join the Trump team they immediately think that the Illuminati has him under control but I think it is the other way around.  What better way to know the weak points of the opponent than to hire one of them?  It takes a criminal to know a criminal.

Maybe you don't see it like I do.  Maybe you think he is just a windbag and that the good old boy elitist system will eventually have their way with him, even if it means JFKing him like Kaiser and Roberts seem to think will be the case.  I want to be on record saying it will not happen.  Not because many of the elite wouldn't love to see him dead but rather because if he is now killed as a sitting president you can only expect a massive civil uprising to take place.  I would not want to be a member of the CIA, FBI, NSA, M.O.U.S.E if that day arises.  The great protectors of the elitist system would be, as I have written many times before, be taken into the streets by the angry, armed mobs and shot.

Truth be told, killing Trump right now is really their best hope of retaining power.  Yes there would be shooting in the streets but this early on, at a time before most in the herd understand that their chains are being lifted, it might happen that the powers that be can kill some and calm the rest with new deals and new promises that leave the current elite largely in power.  But the longer Trump is allowed to rule, the more power he will take from the current elite and before too long it will simply be too late to stop him.  The people will turn him into a folk hero, the second US emancipator if you will.

Everything that has happened from the 1950s until now has been boring but the main event is now starting so get your popcorn, soda and front row seat and enjoy the show.

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