Wednesday, January 18, 2017

What do Glencore [GLNCY] and gold have in common?

Remember back when everyone was freaking out about Glencore because it was in freefall and trading at $2.74?  Here is what I wrote back then:"...this is not down here based on imminent risk of BK, etc.  It's just that all energy is out of style because fools think that an energy glut can last forever.  It can't!! Even in a global recession we humans consume a ridiculous amount of energy and other natural resources.

These share price fluctuations are simply the volatility that one has to expect when operating under a currency supply that has no intrinsic value.  GLNCY will cut its leverage and then reinstate the divvy in a year or two but by then the shares could be $8 again."

Of course this was accompanied by a chart which is the real basis of any and all of my future price movement models which lead to predictions.

Fast forward to today and we see that at its current price of $7.76.  Note quite $8 but I reckon we will see it soon enough.

OK that was GLNCY and now I will show you what it has in common with gold.  Here is a post I did on the subscriber's blog on 12/11/2016.  It very clearly predicted a major JNUG bottom in the high 4s, low $5 range

The count morphed in an acceptable way leading to a slightly lower low than modeled but since black 5 played out the shares have more than doubled in price.

So to answer the question about what do GLNCY and gold (as evidenced by the triple jr mining ETF) have in common, the only commonality I can see is that they both behave in line with the Elliott wave principle.  If you want to know what is likely coming next, stop guessing!  Subscribe to my paid Elliott wave charting service and receive the services of a big game trading guide who has proven over and over again that the Elliott wave principle is a real thing and in fact the only thing that likely matters when trying to figure the future direction of stocks.  At $39.95 per month you get many charts across several sectors that I am following in order to guide my subscribers to max gains.

Hope to see you over there soon!

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