Saturday, January 7, 2017

Those darned Ruskies!!

I think its hysterical to see how the dems are now coming up with complex conspiracy theories as to how Putin helped Trump win the US presidential election.  I absolutely promise you that if Trump had lost that none of this would have been made a deal of.  While few saw it as clearly as I did at the time, it was clear to me early on that Hillary was losing it and then she was done.  Hillary didn't lose because of the Russians.  Hillary lost because she was a crazy, scary bitch.  And that's saying a lot because the person she lost to is an adolescent boy who never matured out of his teenage years.

The real reason for these grand conspiracy theories, however is not to save face for Clinton.  Hillary is now broken beyond repair.  Her health will go down fast at this point because she is so mentally broken by her smashed delusions of grandeur.  It is not worth making up embarrassing conspiracy theories anymore for the benefit of Hillary.  She is now off the board; a non-player.  What you are seeing happening is much larger than most people understand.  The entire liberal political hierarchy is in free fall collapse.  It's not just the Clintons  including their filthy corrupt "foundation".  The past 2 major US elections were the sound of the entire liberal establishment being flushed.  The money which was supporting this power base is now in disarray.  The backers of the failed liberal ideology no longer believe that investing in the liberal agenda is "bang for the buck".  That is who all this conspiracy crap is intended for, not the American people.  Folks, a true American doesn't give a flying F--K where the truth comes from, as long as its the truth.  So regardless of whether Russia was involved, the people don't really care.

The only one who cares is the liberal establishment because they are now standing in front of their investors trying to explain what appears to be the pooch screw of the century.  Hillary lost to the political joke named Donald Trump, even after the nation heard him in his own voice engage in adolescent locker talk about women.  Remember what I wrote in this post?:"If I am right, Hillary will not win despite record spend and those doing the spending will be weakened financially and politically.  It will hurt them so badly that they will think twice before trying it again because I suspect they will go "all in" on Queen Hillary.".  That is exactly what happened.  Those who have been funding this liberal Ponzi/trust Ponzi went all in on their candidate.  Now they are mad as Hell at having lost all that money on a bad bet and so those who failed to win have to make up a story that involves another superpower meddling in our elections.

All I can say is that the Russians had little to no effect on the election outcome.  I had a good sense well before there was any email gate that Americans simply had had enough of her.  Hillary's supporters were so caught up in believing their own bullshit that they failed to look at things from arm's length.

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Augustine said...

The gall to suggest that RT, a channel that barely anybody watches, conspired for Hillary's loss, while the whole Western media establishment shilled for her, is beyond belief.

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