Monday, January 2, 2017

Last gay bar in liberal Tel Aviv closes its doors.

I continue to be amazed at how tidbits of conservatism keep finding their way to me these days.  Just a couple of years ago, Tel Aviv Israel was billing itself as the gay capital of the world.  I must admit that it really didn't seem like that all the times I visited.  I stayed at hotels on the beach and I went out to the local bars and restaurants at night.  I never saw men or women holding hands or making out in the streets like you would in San Francisco and other really gay places.  There were no rainbow flags.  They did apparently love their gay pride parades but none of those were happening during any of my visits.  It actually seemed quite normal and hetro to be honest.  But there was certainly a huge marketing effort trying to make it out to be a gay paradise.

Well if Tel Aviv is really so gay then how come the last gay bar just closed in late 2016?  I don't think Tel Aviv was ever that gay.  I think a few well heeled gays tried to jawbone and spend the gayness into existence but that it never really materialized.   It is certain that if the gay population was as strong as these marketing efforts would have us believe then the economic impetus of being a gay bar would be clear.  That's not what the facts are telling us.  Strong bars do not close down.  Ever.

Well, I guess we can just add Fake Gay to the long list of fake shit that has been part of the liberal experience which is now winding down at a much faster rate than even I predicted it would.

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