Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Trump says his team won't go after Hillary.

Well trump's team is making the right moves early on here IMO.  As I stated a few days ago, Trump should make a direct statement about not going after Hillary.  It might piss off a few of his rapid followers in the short term that he has now done exactly that but Hillary and Bill are going down no matter what and so why should Trump get involved at all?  All he really has to do is to tell the justice department to do its job.  All he really has to do is get rid of the unfair Obama bias toward saving the dems from the embarrassment and dirty secret telling that would happen if Hillary goes down.  All he has to do is remove Hillary's protective shield, revoke her get out of jail free card.  All he has to do is send the signals that his administration will not attack anyone who decides of their own volition to bring her down.  That's all he needs to do because Hillary is so dirty that that's all it will take for the wolves to come take her and her dirty husband down.

Trump just needs to stay out of it and let the law do its job.  The bad ship Hillary is now taking on water in rough seas and she will break up on the rocks without Trump politicizing her demise.  He should just get popcorn and a coke and watch the spectacle with the rest of us.  Any I love that Trump supporters are pissed at him for backing down on him campaign threat to prosecute her.  That gives him more air cover for telling people it was not a political attack by him that completely sinks the evil couple.  They must go down for their own acts, not because someone attacked them, or their mindless followers will ignore the crimes and just cry political foul.

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