Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Did Facebook just experience a liberal peak? [FB]

During the time of rising liberalism, a key indicator is the presence of fake everything: Fake money, fake religion, fake news, fake disasters, fake achievements, fake, fake fake.  Well, it looks like Fakebook, I mean Facebook is now having its Bill Cosby moment.  You know, that time when despite having many people complain about the goings on there that the herd finally begins to pay attention, to believe, and to punish the bad behavior.

Hillary an her henchmen did, as I predicted they would, go all in on her ascension and now that she has lost there is blowback on 100 fronts.  Facebook is one of them because Zuckerburg has now gotten caught trying to social engineer the people with fake news.  The charge being levied against his company amount to, "human editors working on the Trending Topics section of Facebook were removing stories that pushed a conservative or pro-Trump agenda.".

Zuckerberg of course denied any involvement.  But only liberals care about that kind of denial.  Conservatives are more likely to ask the unwinnable question such as, "Mr. Zuckerberg, you were either incompetent and out of touch about what your company was doing or you we a co-conspirator.  Which was it?".   That's because conservatives don't care about effort, they care about results.  And bad results take heat under a conservative lean of the herd. 

This is already showing up in the share price and the next stop is likely to be in the 90 something dollar range, best case.  IT could easily fall into the 50s.  Remember, stocks have no intrinsic value.  The only instantaneous value they have in a marketplace is based on confidence in the issuing authority and Mark Zuckerberg is rapidly losing the confidence of the herd because they think, rightly or wrongly, that he tried to influence the election for Hillary.

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