Thursday, November 10, 2016

Brazil's Dilma Rousseff accuses current president Michel Temer of taking bribes.

Dilma Rousseff, the completely corrupt ex-president of Brazil who was thrown under the bus (and rightfully so) to appease the angry and disenfranchized Brazilian people, is out making specific accusations against sitting president Michel Temer, also a corrupt piece of shit no doubt, about taking large bribes.  And she should know because Temer was her veep before he obviously helped toss her under the bus.

I just have a couple points to make about this:
  • When Temer took power I already knew he was a corrupt piece of shit and I clearly wrote it here.  You want to know how I knew?  Simple: You cannot be veep of a criminal cartel like the Brazilian government without yourself being corrupt.  Liberals will call me cynical but I consider it common sense backed by all the history of the human race.  Besides, it looks like the facts point to me being right.
  • Remember when I said that the ruling elite would throw the wrong person under the bus and that person would in turn begin telling what they know resulting in a rain of skeletons?  Well that not only applied to the US but even moreso the 3rd world nations because the marginal players are always hit the first and the worst.  Rousseff does not want to go down alone and nobody in power is throwing her a life line so she is sending shots across their bows.
  • Someone, probably many people, in the Obama organization is/are going to be thrown into the street as a result of Trump's win and he/she/they is/are not going to want to accept it.  Instead they will lose control of themselves like the stupid liberals did in *San Fran and *Oakland did.  They will not want to go down alone.  After all, they feel entitled and so they will fight.  These public brawls have a nasty way of kicking open the skeleton closets...

    • * Note to rioters:  What happened to being inclusive?  What happened to accepting the results of the legal election like mature citizens?  OH YEAH!  That's right.  Those empty words were only spoken by the liberal left when they thought queen Hillary was a shoo in.  It's pretty clear they did not read my blog or they would have had a better idea about what the fuck is happening in this country and around the world.  Instead of listening to their own sycophantic ranting and hero worship of Hillary's vag---a they could have listened to someone with a proven track record for seeing reality.  What a bunch of fake pseudo intellectual phonies.  Now go put on your big boy pants, suck it up and wake up.  You have been getting screwed all this time by those you worship.  You got brainwashed by your crappy liberal arts college education and they made you finance the brainwashing to boot.  Time to wake up, suckers.

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Augustine said...

Dilma and her party gang han been clamoring for new presidential elections, pretending to believe that they have a voting chance to revert the impeachment, but in actuality to avoid prosecution and imprisonment. Surely, no corrupt gang gets to the top without safeguards. They have now found a dossier that might impugn the Temer and Dilma ticket, likely a price she'd be happy to pay to be abort the criminal investigation on herself. But, as I said before, the ticket is also being investigated for receiving money from abroad, which impugns not only the ticket, but also dissolves both parties. I doubt that the dossiers demonstrating this to be the case will show up, as it would be political suicide. It'll have to come from deals with bigger fish, which the investigation is getting close to by the day.

May America's Dilma, Hillary, enjoy the same fate.

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