Sunday, November 6, 2016

Corruption witch hunt in progress in many governments.

The rise in corruption awareness by the American people was predictable and predicted many many times in these pages.  Not because of gut feel but rather because of a model.  The model that allows one to see past the bullshit spewed by big government is that of organized crime.  Once the masses realize that people like me are right about this and have always been right (there has been zero waffling about in this blog...) that the government is being controlled by organized crime whose energy source is fake money, the faster the great awakening will occur.

It was also predicted that the smaller players would lead the way (the marginal players always get busted the first and the worst).  While the rise of awareness in Corrupt Hillary is happening at an exponential rate, the South Koreans are already issuing arrest warrants for two of its former presidential aids for fraud and abuse of power.

Yep, the "stupid" people are finally waking up globally.  Remember when the mention of the Illuminati and the elite drove ominous feelings of danger?  Remember when everyone was worried about the Illuminati and world domination?  Remember when the federal reserve was considered the most powerful organization in the world, omnipotent and unstoppable?


The Herd, properly armed, always has the power even though they might be brain washed into not realizing it.  That is the lesson of the battle at Kruger!!  All they had to do was stop listening to the continuous flow of promises, lies and threats coming out of government and they would be able to think for themselves again. Of course, that is easier to do when the herd is not made complacent about the parasitism of organized crime by virtue of having a full stomach and high hopes.  Now that the US middle class has been decimated, the people are finally standing up for themselves, and not a minute too soon I might add.

So as all this goes down, please, people, please listen to those of us who saw it coming because we understand how it works.  Don't listen to whoever wins the elections because neither Trump nor Clinton will admit that the US is running a global debt Ponzi and that the days for running this Ponzi are numbered.  The only way we are ever going to see everyone get a fair shake is if we get rid of the fake money supply.  Not just fiat currency mind you, but also the entire corrupt notion of fractional reserve lending.  It is such a scam.  Without these distorting forces, free market forces will again take control and create a new equilibrium which is sustainable.  But if we don't get rid of the fake money, it threatens to take the whole country down and even bring the world to WW3.  Getting rid of the fake money supply is the only thing that matters and everything else is noise  just as gold is money and everything else is not.

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