Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tired of going nowhere in the markets?

Are you tired of watching those who have the experience win while you try your best but can't get anywhere in the markets?  Perhaps your efforts are just wrong headed.  It's not a crime you know.  I remember the first time I tried to weld aluminum.  I had no clue about the special tools and techniques and gasses needed to do the job.  I was young and inexperienced and it was a disaster.  Of course back then we didn't have the Internet so many things you can just look up today were exercises in trial and error.   But at least I would have had a clue as to what I was in for.  I submit that most people with money in the market know less about trading than I knew about welding aluminum.  That's what most traders lose money or go nowhere.

Everyone has some areas where they are better than other people in. It's not statement about intelligence or lack thereof.  We all only have so much time to work on so many things.  One of the things I have put a lot of real time into becoming an expert at is stock market timing.  I can tell you without a doubt and without blinking an eye that it is a total waste of time to study all the things that CNBC and Wall St rags and Yahoo Finance tell you are important.  I've proven it multiple times at Jim Cramer's expense in these pages.

If those things mattered at all then everyone would be rich because, let's face it, how difficult is it to look at a balance sheet or to sit through an earnings report?  But neither of those things would have told you to buy into a container shipping company with the stock ticker DCIX (Diana Container Shipping) right exactly at the bottom. 

But I just did and I told my subscribers to do so as well.  

Below and right is the model I provided on 11-9 which was the very first post I have ever made on this ticker.  The shares were selling for $2.41.  Below and left is the action as of 11-15.  They closed at $6.14 today and are now trading up in the extended hours to $7.10.

Is this all just luck??  What, again???  Really?  Anyone who just writes this off to luck has his head in the sand to the fact that Elliott waves are excellent odds based market timing tools and that I have a very good track record for analyzing charts using them.

No, I'm not always right because Elliott waves are not 100% deterministic.  A good Elliottician can be right 70% of the time.  But when gambling, that is a huge advantage over the rank and file.  Additionally, when I'm wrong you know right away because I like to pick Elliott wave defined entry points that allow placement of stop losses 1-2% below the buy in point.  So you risk a little to gain a lot.

I challenge you to put aside the notion that market timing can be learned easily or quickly.  I challenge you to review your own trading record and ask yourself if you are happy with it.  If you can use help, help is available through my subscription service.   You have to spend a few bucks to make a few.  The subscribe button is at the top of the page.   You control the subscription through PayPal.  The service is month by month.  You can cancel whenever you want simply by going into your PayPal and cancelling the recurring payment.  You are in control.  I never see your credit card info at all.  The service is $39.95/month.  Give it a try.

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