Sunday, November 20, 2016

People are growing visibly tired of fake/perpetual/scripted hero worship.

Long time reader Augustine sent me a link to a recent evidence point which I think is exactly in line with my long term predictions.  During the liberal years, religion and God were pushed down and instead we created false idols to worship.  Oh yes, I said it.  IDOLS.  History doesn't repeat but it damned sure rhymes.  Heck, we even called some of them idols!  Do you think the "American Idol" name was a coincidence?  Of course it wasn't.  And what about all the government and media bullshit about everyone having to put a yellow ribbon on their car, the nonsense that all police, fire and military are "heroes" and that government is our nanny, there to take care of our every need?  All pure manufactured bullshit.  Yup, we were spoon fed the notions that "valuing diversity" should including acceptance of amorality.  Um ummm.  Yep.  And of course, fake political correctness kept us all in line, didn't it? 


Well, most of us anyway.  Some of us were somehow immune to it all.  We saw though it like it was a spiderweb.  In fact, it was more than some of us.  It was a LOT of us.  But most of us that suspected or knew the truth were too afraid to stand apart from the herd, too afraid of being cast out or mocked for saying what we believed to be the truth.  So most of us in fact just sank back into a corner and said nothing or just smiled politely when they should have been calling bullshit.   I really don't blame them.  It is not easy to go against the flow, to walk against the direction of the herd movement.  It's much easier to go along if you want to get along.

Unfortunately, that is not in my DNA. It would have been much easier for me if it was.  How many times have I scoffed at the notion of military worship?  Heck, I was in the military.  I could have used that, stood on it like it was a ladder to put myself higher than those around me who didn't serve.  Yep, I could have played that hand like so many others did.  In fact, I could have just said nothing and accepted all of the fake "thank you for your service" bullshit from the mind washed masses who were clearly just moving with the herd.  I could have taken my bows when the idiots at airport gates broke into applause on cue like a bunch of lemmings at the sight of a uniform.

This is not to say that I don't think some in the military are heroes because clearly there are some.  But they are one in 500k, not everyone who wears a uniform.  And this fiat honor, this fake honor has the same effect on real honor as counterfeit money has on real money - it represents a naked short on the real asset.  Additionally, I would feel a lot more gratitude if those who join the military had to do it at threat of being jailed AKA drafted than those like me who volunteered simply because I needed a job.  I do feel for the Vietnam vets because even though it was a bullshit war, the people who were drafted thought they were doing the right thing for their country and so they answered the call even though the call was nothing more than a con job.  Now, WW2 was a lot more real, a lot more justified.  But all wars past that have been for political gain and not because the security of the USA was in any measure of jeopardy.

I postulated that as the peak liberalism swung back to conservatism that all these liberal concepts would eventually be unwound.  Fake political correctness would go out the door.  Man did we see that in the US presidential elections with Trump even telling Hillary that she's lucky he wasn't already the president else she would be in jail.  As I have mentioned many times before, elite have no morals, no remorse, no conscience.  They are sociopaths.  You can tell people like Hillary 1000 times that she is a lying thieving traitorous scheming pedophile and she will hardly blink.  And when you are done she will just laugh.  But you tell her that you are working to put her in jail and that is when it gets serious.  All elite are the same.  They don't give a fuck until the topic turns to incarceration and then they get very, very serious.

The same goes for fake hero worship.  The story that I was pointed to can be read here but the short form is that when the flight crew of an airplane announced its desire that everyone should stay seated upon arrival at the gate so that a "special military family" could exit the plane first to make their connection, some people began to complain aloud even to the point of booing.  This to me shows that normal people, people who normally would just bite their lip and say nothing are starting to revolt.  The mind control is wearing off because they have seen enough subconscious signs that the herd is moving away from liberalism that it has unlocked their inhibitions.  The swing toward conservatism will certainly see a dramatic increase in this trend and it will occur at an exponential rate as the new conservative herding messages go out.

If you bothered to click the link you will see that what was "special" about the family is that they lost a family member, Sgt. John W. Perry in Afghanistan recently.  We are still early enough in the pendulum swing that I suspect that those who objected to the special treatment probably feel a bit guilty about it now that they know the whole story.  But without all the details at the time, all they heard was "there is a two tier system and even the family of a military person is more important than everyone else on this plane" and that is what they were booing.  In the not distant future however, even that will not matter.  You see, people die all the time and we are just expected to deal with it in private.  When 2 of my brothers died over the past 20 years, nobody gave me special treatment of any kind (nor did I expect any).  So why is it that we should give special treatment to anyone?  That is what more and more people will not only be thinking but saying out loud as well.

That Sgt. Perry died in a combat zone is indeed unfortunate. But is it any more unfortunate than Sarah Kate Kruger who just passed away on Nov 16 of this year?  Was his life worth more than hers simply because he wore a uniform? Who was Sarah Kruger?  Well, nobody really.  Just another wonderful soul who traveled the Earth until recently.  Do you care about the particulars of her life?  No?  Then why care about Sgt Perry?  What did he do that was so memorable?  If you read the initial reports on the incident, all he did was unwittingly set off an IED which killed him in the explosion.  Read that article.  There is no note of heroism.  Just another grunt killed by an IED apparently. 

Sgt Perry was not the first nor will he be the last.  Of course, to hear it told by his dad a few days later, you would think that Perry should be awarded a medal for heroism, "His father, Stewart Perry, mourned the loss of his son at a service on Thursday. “Most importantly, I want people to know about the heroic thing that my son did,” he said. His son stumbled on the suicide bomber before he could reach his target, a soldiers’ 5K Veterans Day run. “He would have killed possibly 100, 200, who knows?” Perry said.". 

Mr. Perry's story about a suicide bomber being involved is corroborated by but no details of how Sgt. Perry happened into the bomber so early in the AM (05:30 according to several stories) seem to have made to to the press.  I suspect that he simply stumbled upon the suicide bomber preparing for the attack and the bomber decided it was time to go meet the 72 virgins.  If this is the case I can hardly call it heroism.  It's more like plain old fashioned shitty luck based on the data we have so far. 

I'm sorry to put the truth so plainly and without that fake sugar coating that so many of us seem addicted to these days.  Is it unfortunate that he died?  Undeniably.   Was it lucky that more didn't die? Yes it was certainly lucky. But does this make him a hero?  Sorry, no.  This does not meet the time honored definition of that word. Condolences to the family of Sgt Perry but at the end of the day I'll argue that Sarah Kate probably was the more interesting of the two.

I think peak military is in.  The people are tired of supporting it and nothing happens without the consent of the people.

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