Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The jig is up when even young millenials begin to see and speak truth

I've been writing for a long time in posts like this one that the elite liberal leadership is highly amoral and in fact is full of disgusting pedophiles.  Even my close friends did not and do not know what to think when they hear me say these things.  They know I am an accomplished, logical engineer and they know I am a successful person in many ways.  They know I do my homework and that I do not suffer from flights of fancy yet these things are so outlandish to their ears that they can scarcely stand to hear me say them.  I can see the huge conflict going on in their minds - it is apparent on their faces.

What they don't understand is that I went through these same stages of the Kubler-Ross grief cycle when I first became aware of what is really going on in our country and in the world.  Denial is a big part of it.  Also, its one thing to hear someone say something but it takes courage to take the time to understand the truth of it and to repeat it.  I'm not talking about wartime bravery here.  I'm talking about that certain type of courage needed when stepping apart from the herd and expressing ideas, no matter how well researched, that are bound to make the herd react strongly against the whistle blower.  After all, many in the herd think Snowden should be killed for exposing illegal activity by the government!  While I would like to think of them as idiots, the truth is that they simply lack that kind of courage needed to go against peer pressure which is a real and very powerful herding force.

When the herd leans liberal, its members are more easily controlled by peer pressure but when the pendulum eventually and inevitably swings back toward conservatism the herd becomes less and less affected by it.  We will know this is happening when more and more people begin to not only suspend their liberal disbelief of facts but also when they begin to believe the truths themselves to the point that they actually do their own research and then ultimately repeat what they have learned to others.  Telling the herd those truths which the "go along to get along" herd does not want to hear and not being booed out of the room is a clear sign that conservationism is taking over.  And when you see it coming from young people then you know we are very near the point where massive disclosure of past sins is going to happen in the not distant future.

Well, young people are doing just that as you can see in this video.  Within a few short years we are going to see the collapse of some major institutions and major names will go down in flames.  I expect this to hit many areas of Big Sports including F1 racing and the American SuperBowl as well as vast swatches of Hollywood to name just a few.

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Augustine said...

This is closer to home than we'd like to admit: https://therefugeaustin.org/

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