Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Donna Brazile loses overpaid CNN job over leaking debate questions to Clinton.

Back when liberalism was on the rise you could do almost any kind of creepy illegal shit and never face the music.  Not no more folks.  Them days is over.  The recent case of Donna Brazile getting fired from liberal shit hole CNN is the most recent evidence point for this.  They did this despite Brazile going on broadcast TV and denying the whole matter.

At peak liberalism, nobody ever gets punished even if caught red handed.  But post peak liberalism there is rapidly vanishing leniency for those who get caught with hand in cookie jar (if unclear about this, ask yourself why Brazile would take this risk...) until eventually we see that everyone caught is publicly thrown under the bus piece by piece. 

But still to come, still ahead of us, we are going to see a major sea change in these things.  The powers that be now understand that it matters to the herd if you get caught doing wrong and they understand that so many have gotten caught that the people no longer trust them.  As I have been writing for years now, the one and only way to handle this problem is to get out in front of it by proactively offering up minions as sacrifices to the herd-turned-wolfpack.  In other words, the crime bosses will actually admit that some of their minions are guilty of crimes BEFORE the investigative reporters report on it.  They will do it proactively in order to fool the people into thinking that the crime bosses actually care about justice.

As this happens, minions will get scared and they will increasingly keep little black books.  At some point, the wrong minion who knows more than those trying to sacrifice him thinks he knows gets thrown under and the black book is pulled out as a defense.  The result is skeleton rain.  The dirty closet pops open and scores of very ugly skeletons come flopping out on the floor for all to see.  Big names get implicated in very dirty shit.  Its all coming because that is how criminal networks always collapse - from within.  And no, it won't be different this time.

One more prediction: it used to be that if you were an investigative reporter you would probably be killed in a fiery crash or perhaps by suicide if you got to be too much of a pain in the ass.  Going forward we will see some of the crime capos end up dead or missing and investigative reporters will be left alone.  The focus will be on getting rid of those who were caught or about to get caught instead of focusing on those who are doing the catching or telling the story about who got caught.

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