Saturday, November 12, 2016

Conservatives push back against real tyranny, liberal push back against imagined tyranny.

When the police were prominently lording their superiority over American citizens, white, black Hispanic and purple, real conservatives were angrily decrying the whole thing.  We put the blame where it belonged - on big government out of control.  And while demonstrating and rioting is not my thing since it is a lot of energy wasted to partially achieve goals, at least the rioting over police shootings of  unarmed children and choking fat black men to death on the streets of NYC was directed at the jackbooted cops who were responsible.  I was about as loud as I could be on that matter and it didn't matter that most of the injustice was aimed at some other color skin than my own.  Right is right and wrong is wrong, period.  Again, I am conservative, not anti black or anti Hispanic or anti Muslim.  I AM anti-asshole however.  I don't care if you are white elite or black trailer park, if you are an asshole then I'm going to say so.  And if you are trying to do good then I will say that as well.  This is what it means to be conservative!  It means judging situations based not on flighty emotions and predefined notions but rather on evidence and facts and using unemotional logic as the basis for all opinions.

So now that Trump has won we are seeing the true liberal way of doing things.  Do as I say and not as I do is always a component of it.  In preparation for the imaginary win, liberals were quick to tell conservatives to just accept it and to be tolerant and not a hater.  My oh my are the true colors of these slimy liars showing!  Extreme liberals are beating up people who look conservative to them in the streets.  I mean, real Rodney King stuff. And now they are rioting around the country not at real tyranny and government injustice but rather about imagined future lack of a free ride under a Trump regime.  Their rally cries are "not my president" and "impeach Trump".  Well I get the not my president thing.  Bill Clinton was not my president nor was Bush2 nor was Obama.  Trump is not my president either.  I wanted a libertarian candidate who knows that fake money is really the only problem in the whole world right now.  So I get that part.  But "impeach Trump"?  That shows real ignorance, made worse by the fact that those spewing this nonsense present themselves as the educated smart people among us.  You have to do something wrong like career criminal Hillary has done 10 times already in order to be impeached under our system.  When someone proves Trump broke the law then yes, let's impeach him and Pence can take over.  But until then, just shut the fuck up you haters.

To be honest, changes will come a lot slower than many think.  Trump is only one man and we live under a system where a whole lot of liberals are still in positions of power.  Draining the swamp will not be nearly so easy as some believe.  But the diehard libs sure are putting on a show with this Trumper Tantrum.  They should be ashamed and I suspect that moderate liberals are ashamed to even be remotely associated with these lawless assholes.

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