Wednesday, November 2, 2016

On Hillary's email server "carelessness".

It amazes me that I have to write something that seems so obvious but the main stream media know that repetition is a form of herd hypnosis and so they use it to influence people's thinking.  I for one am not hypnotized by it but I look around at all the magazine articles and the comments about Hillary and I never see anyone saying what seems to be obvious to me which is that carelessness is not a defense and taking responsibility is not just having to avoid blaming someone else for the deed.

Imagine a drunk driver who is swerving down the road.  Maybe he hits some people, maybe he only scares them and they escape damage.  When the cops pull him over and ask him to explain the drunk driving, who among us will be able to offer the excuse that they were just careless at at the bar and they over drank.  Oh yeah, and then they say, "I take full responsibility, I'm sorry" but please let me go without any criminal action.

That will never happen.

Imagine a tense international situation.  The nuclear football has been brought before President Hillary and armed.  She has to make a launch decision.  All of a sudden, she is distracted and loses her balance because of her physical/medical problems and she goes to rest her hand on the table for support but it lands on the big red button instead.  As the missiles are leaving their tubes across America, Hillary gets on TV and says, "I was just careless and I accept full responsibility for WW3. Please don't hate me for it.".

I make these somewhat extreme case examples to prove a point:lack of intention to break major rules is not and never has been a defense for having done it!  When you are freaking secretary of state you have far too much power and influence to be making casual mistakes and having done so you cannot simply be pardoned for your oversight.  Also, taking responsibility should include stepping down otherwise it is simply lip service to the phrase.  Instead, Hillary wants to step up.

It really is as simple as that.  Why is there so much controversy on this matter?  Hillary showed judgement that was so inexcusably poor that, like any other drunk driver, she should be put in jail and made to face criminal penalties for her actions.  People who accept these big positions with high pay and global recognition should know this.  And the people who are forced to live with the consequences of having shit leaders in place should know it even more.

With all that said, Hillary wasn't careless at all.  She is crooked.  She didn't want her pay for play scam going through government servers.  She wanted anonymity in her illegal dealings.  This is the only way a crook like her and her shit husband could ever be worth $30 and $90 million respectively even though the vast majority of their adult lives has been in government "service".

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