Thursday, November 17, 2016

My immigration program.

According to, illegals have been pulling in their border crossing plans so that they arrive in the US before Trump can erect measures to stop them.

We can all be bleeding hearts about immigration if we want to but look what that attitude has brought to the fake do gooders of the EU.  Germany's Merkel for example is now seeing her power erode because the people are tired of putting up with the mass immigration which those in power hope will vote for them in the future.  These bureaucrats are selling their countries down the river in order to create conditions which they think will keep themselves in power indefinitely.  And they are playing on the emotions of fools to get it done.

Or did you really think Merkel and the other socialists of the EU really give two shits about the refugees??  Of COURSE they don't.  The refugees are seen as needy future citizens who will, for the most part, do what they are told.  They will be slaves to the government under threat of deportation.  Nannystate assholes just love this kind of control.  Unfortunately for them, they thought that people are people and that refugees would bow down to government.  But these refugees are not going to do that.  They are going to set up shop like they did back in the old world.   They will not learn the native tongue.  They will not respect or adopt the native customs.  They will not be turned from their religions.  They are not going to be appreciative in any way. They are going to essentially be an occupying force and a net drain on all of the countries who have taken them in.  There is already enough data on hand to make this call so we are beyond speculation here. 

Unfortunately, the people of these countries are not going to have it going forward.  They foolishly thought, well, heck, we can give it a try.  We can be open minded, blah blah blah.  I have advice for people who think like that.  Don't try drinking bleach or cyanide!  Some things you have have to be smart enough to avoid without having tried it.  Mass immigration from other cultures is always disruptive.  The herds don't like to mingle and if you handle it improperly (i.e. too many needy people per unit time) the problems can last literally generations.  Generations of people hating each other arise simply because liberal governments tried to effectively stuff the ballot boxes using new imported voters that they hope will be loyal to the party that allowed them in.

I think all nations should allow plenty of immigration, but not for humanitarian reasons.  It is not the job of the government to serve as a big charity using our tax dollars.  If I want to give to charity to help others get ahead in THEIR countries then that is my prerogative.  Who among us hasn't sent money to overseas charities before??  But I completely reject the notion that government can force me to contribute to their chosen charities whose only real goal is to politically violate me.  Screw that!  Screw you Obama-Clinton and your EU scam ideas for mass immigration!

So when would I allow immigration?  Simply put, when it is to our advantage as a nation to do so:
  • Allow immigration of the highly educated.
  • Allow immigration of well documented doctors, nurses, researchers and developmental scientists.  Especially favor anyone who is an expert in Artificial Intelligence!!!
  • Allow immigration of wealthy business owners who want to bring jobs to the country.
  • Allow temporary labor to come in and do the kind of slave labor that no American currently wants to do and which has not yet been economically automated with robots yet (like pick fruit, construction jobs), etc.  When they are done with picking season or when the housing complex is complete, send them back home to their families until more shit work becomes available.  When more suitable shit work is available we should welcome these workers at the border with open arms and a friendly smile!  We should not make them hop the fences; they are a net economic plus.
I'm sorry to say but it is not in the economic best interest of the country to allow single mothers and their brood of children to immigrate.  It sounds mean but these immigrations do not bring new economic value to the country.  That can only be had by getting labor from the immigrants and a mother with 3,4, 5 children will not be working.  She will be taking care of those kids.  She will need to consume while she is doing this.  Economically speaking, someone who only consumes but produces nothing is a parasite.  We have enough of our own parasites, thank you.  We have enough people living under bridges already.  All full up there.  Don't need more from other countries.

Again, it is not fun to say economic truths because bleeding hearts will not consider the math or the economics of the matter.  But each additional parasite that we support only speeds us to our own eventual collapse.  Folks we have 19+ trillion USD in basic on-book national debt and twice that off the books and even more than that in unkeepable government promises like social security (promises are debts..), etc.  I know things don't look that bad today but that debt number has been on an exponential rise and it will continue to do so until it explodes with a loud bang.  Remember this post from 2010?  The debt was 14 trillion back then.  Now it is 19 trillion, a 36% increase in 6 fleeting years.  That fits right in with the extension of the exponential chart shown in that post.

The economic collapse of the US is going to happen.  There is no way out.  There is no "if" or "maybe".  Nobody knows the day or the hour of the collapse but it will in fact come like a thief in the night.  This is guaranteed by the fact that there are exponents involved (something only possible through the use of fake money).  It will show up suddenly and most people will say they never saw it coming.  Probably because they were spending too much time being emotional bleeding hearts and not enough time considering economics, math, logic and history.

I know that many people read these words and say "oh whatevah".  I know it because many people have said it to my face.  They completely discount the 7 or 8 thousand hours of research, study and writing I have done on this subject (writing makes you think, makes you validate facts, makes you read past headlines lest you show yourself to be an idiot).  They think that their topical misunderstanding of everything which is driven mainly by herd think is a reasonable substitute for the effort I have put in.  They continually ignore my predictions, no matter how correct they turn out to be and no matter how seemingly remote the odds were when I made them.  It never strikes them that I might be an authority on this subject.

Well you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.  Likewise you can present a person with knowledge and logic but you cannot make them think.  I accept that even though I don't think I should have to.  But I know that these same people will be screaming the loudest when it all goes to shit because they blindly trusted in the corrupt system which is powered by fake money.  They will point to every symptom and demand a cure but very, very few will remember that there is no cure without understanding the underlying disease and in the case of our economy the disease that will bring it down is Mammon Money.  Period.  You cannot rack up this kind of debt with real money!  Nobody will loan it to you because it will not exist in that quantity and people will have more respect for it if the money is real (i.e. earned through labor).

So yes, some day, and probably a good deal sooner than most people think possible, the US is going to have to deal with a real economic crisis the likes of which never has occurred before.  And when that day comes, having a bunch of immigrants running around with no homes, no useful skills, no food, no shelter and no prospects for survival will come back to haunt because these people will exercise their inescapable instinct to survive, even if it means killing someone else to do so.  And the do gooders (who always want to do good with someone else's money) will not step up and care for all these hapless immigrants that they think we should allow in.  In fact, when the immigrants go after them it will be the liberal do gooders screaming the loudest about the bloody immigrants.

And so we do need to be careful about immigration and we do need to protect our borders from illegal immigration that we cannot monitor or control.  But how to do it?  Build fences for billions of dollars?  Hire thousands of immigration officers (yet another financial burden on the country....).  Well we can do all those things and pay the price.  Or we can become creative about it.

How about this.  Let's set up border monitoring stations with overlapping fields of fire and then sell tickets to concerned, armed citizens who would man these stations for the public good for some period of time from a day to a weekend to a week or longer depending on the license issued to him.  And let's then spend some money dropping fliers about 2000 yards away from the fences and we should put up signs every 50 feet as well and we should take out print ads in the countries which are the worst offenders of our sovereign borders that clearly warn that illegal immigration punishable by the use of deadly force.  Now before you turn your nose up at the idea, consider that they do exactly this at the borders of Area 51 to our own citizens.  Why not extend this time tested practice to the international borders?  Anyone who goes for any reason into the exclusion zone regardless of time of day or day of week does so under risk of being killed by those patriotic citizens who have actually paid for a license to do this important work. 

Does that sound like spin for "rednecks who would love to shoot an illegal immigrant"?  Well, what do you call the snipers at area 51 then?  Also, what do you call the MPs surrounding the nukes at air force bases?  I was in the air force for almost 6 years.  I was a 46170.  On Guam I moved nukes to and from B52s.  Trust me, if I did not follow the protocols set up for nuke movements from the WSA (Weapons Storage Area) to the alert birds and back then I would be shot and killed, no questions asked, no apologies given.  They yelled this in my face when I was a staff sgt because they wanted me to understand they were not fucking around and that this was no joke.  After they warned me to follow the rules exactly you know what they did?  They handed me a loaded 12 gauge pump police shotgun loaded with 00 buck and told me it was my duty to kill anyone who did not follow the protocol in my area of responsibly.  They told me it was a matter of national security and that I would be court-martialed and sent to jail for a very long time if I failed to comply.  They made me sign statements in front of witnesses that I understood all of the above.

Trust me, it worked.  The deterrent was so great that nobody even thought of violating protocol.  The reason we have no deterrent on our borders is because the illegals know that they can violate protocol with little more than a hand slap.  This crap is costing us hundreds of millions of dollars a year in direct costs.  My plan would cut that spending immediately and turn it into a revenue stream.  And I doubt more than about 50 people would be killed over the entire time that the program was in effect because the immigrants would learn very quickly that "no trespassing" really meant "no trespassing".  Word would spread through their herds like wildfire.  I bet many lives would be saved net.  Why?  Because the coyotes (illegal immigrant runners) will often ditch their "customers" in the desert if they fear getting caught.  Here is an example where 18 illegals were left to die in 2003.  Here are 11 moreHere are another 18 more.  That's 46 dead immigrants in 2 minutes of web searching and ALL of them died because the USA viciously gave them hope that entering our country illegally was not only possible but not very difficult.

So my plan is actually the humane program.  I know that it sounds bad to the ear but only to those who can't do math or use reason and logic very well.


Augustine said...

Ask the Apache, Comanche, Iroquois, etc how mass immigration worked in their nations. Hint: Americans don't speak Apache, Comanche or Iroquois. Though most Americans are as pagan as the former nations which lived on this very same land, they are more numerous and tell the latter where they can live.

The Captain said...

Without making any kind of moral determination, the fact is that American history can be summed up simply as "Might Makes Right". Buckle under or they will put you under.

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