Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Political career of "stupid thug" Christie is over.

Donald Trump has branded corrupt NJ governor Chris Christie a "stupid thug" for letting his aides take the fall for bridgegate.  As a result, Christie has been kicked off of team Trump.  That's it for Christie.  If there was anything to save there, I think Trump would have done it but Christie was too dirty and too stupid not to get caught.  Christie is over.

What's really happening is EXACTLY what I said was going to happen as the organized criminal cartel called big corrupt government goes into reverse.  Corruption will happen, it will be found out, the people will demand blood, minions will be thrown under the bus as sacrifices by fake leaders and told to shut up or else.  But they will not shut up.  They will scream bloody murder and they will tell what they know about those higher up in order to reduce the criminal punishment they will receive.  Did  I not write that this would happen?  How many posts have I penned to this effect?  Five times?  Ten?  More?

The reason I repeated that theme over the years is because my world view model suggested that it would be one of the early signs that the worm has turned for big gov criminals.  It will take more time but at some point we will see some pretty big names not just go down in disgrace but in fact they will get the perp walk to jail.  And yes, the reason will be exactly why I predicted it would happen: conservative people want justice.  Well, call it justice if you like.  It's right out of the Bible: an eye for an eye.  Some might call it justice.  Others might call it revenge.  I ask if there is any difference.

Once justice has been extracted and the score has been evened up then yes, let bygones be bygones.  But for the same reason that I have written here what would happen to anyone who harms my family without just cause, the herd is starting to want the same outcome.  Fuck "forgive and forget."  That is just another way of saying, "hey, let's have a two speed legal system: one for elites and one for you".  There is no forgive or forget.  And increasingly there will be no "pay a fine and then you walk free" which was the liberal way of handling elite transgressions that became public.  The new conservative mantra will be "Elites will do the time if they did the crime.  Just like everyone else."  That is the conservative way and the conservative wave is going to bring back the conservative way.

Perhaps Chris Christie will be the first example of this.  Perhaps Trump's kicking of Christie to the curb and leaking the "stupid thug" comment is telling us that Christie is now in a very bad way over bridgegate.  In fact, his ex-chief of staff is now singing like a bird, "In a federal trial alleging a political plot behind the lane closings, Kelly testified Friday she told Christie at a meeting nearly a month before they occurred about a traffic study and the effect it would have on the town. She said Christie signed off the traffic study, which she said was billed to her as a survey on how to speed up traffic across the bridge.  Kelly and former Port Authority Deputy Executive Director Bill Baroni are charged with nine criminal counts, including conspiracy and fraud, in connection with the closures. If found guilty, they could both face time in prison.  Christie has denied knowing about the closures beforehand and isn't facing any charges.".

Its hard to say if the first skeletons falling out of the sky will land on Christie or not.  God knows he's a big enough target!  But generally these things take time to build momentum.  So Christie might actually be lucky that this is coming to light now as opposed to later.  Right now he might still be able to skulk off quietly or with an apology or something.  His political career is over but at this point the best he can hope for is no jail time.  But it is not a given that he will skate out of jail.  He might even get tagged with perjury IMO.  That one is big time.

It is now becoming clear that many of the outlandish things I have been writing about since 2010 are actually not all that outlandish after all.  In fact, they are beginning to look probable in many cases and in fact are already main stream think in a few cases (like Trump's win).  This, I have to say, is not luck.  Nobody gets this lucky, especially someone as bombastic as I can be when I want to.  What's happening here is that my world view model is being proven correct.  I expect more and more people to wake up and understand that going forward.  After all, someone has to be right.  Why not me?

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