Sunday, November 6, 2016

Elitist infighting is spilling out of the bar room floor and into the street.

I said it would happen and it is happening.  The easy pickings for the elite have dried up and now they are infighting over the remaining scraps, just like every other criminal cartel in decline.  The latest Podesta emails are the latest evidence point for this observation/prediction.  In them, corrupt Chelsea goes after corrupt Doug Band corrupt Dougy warns her handlers that if she tries to throw him under the bus for corruption that he will take her along for the ride.

The claws of justice only grazed the Clintons this time with emailgate but anyone who thinks this is all just going to return to the same ole same ole is not paying attention.  Just wait until the election is over.  A full one half of the country is going to be fighting mad about the outcome.  The entire presidency of the winner will be a lame duck affair.  If Hillary wins I expect her to be impeached within 6 months for her past crimes.  The only one who wins here are Russia and China IMO.

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