Sunday, November 13, 2016

Grey lady down

Newsmax is already verifying one of my recent post election predictions about the presstitude media.  In this post I wrote, "Whereas the media would not give him the time of day before, the presstitutes will now have a whole new and much more conservative stance on EVERYTHING.  Oh how quickly the media will turn on Hillary now that they know she cannot be relied upon to pay them off. ".  I can't believe that it is happening so quickly but that is what happens during 3rd waves: very large gains are made per unit time. In this case I refer to this story which reports that the NY Times will now "rededicate itself to honest reporting" (close paraphrase).

Well giving the timing of this happening just after a Trump upset of the entire liberal Dem AND GOP parties (yes, GOP - look at the war Trump had within his own party!), the rededication is about as close to an admission of guilt as you are ever going to see from such a big institution.  And if the mighty bastion of unfair liberalism at the NYT is tumbling then you can be sure it is sending shockwave across the entire liberal movement.  This is not a small thing folks. Its a very unlikely admission and that will only happen if the powers that be see an unstoppable trend change in progress.  A veritable tsunami of conservatism that they were better off not trying to fight.

By the way, if you read the story carefully, the driver of the rededication to honesty was not in fact a desire to be honest.  Dishonesty was working just fine for the NYT right up until it blew up in their faces and the subscription cancellations came pouring in.  So this is happening just like I envisioned it would: the money is drying up in their current direction of travel and so now they will compensate.  After all if a prostitute is losing johns then perhaps she better go to a doctor to see if she is dirty.  Is it really any different with a presstitute?

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