Sunday, November 6, 2016

No matter who wins the election, America loses.

Given the level of corruption running the USA, we have been given the choice between a career criminal and a childish rich boy brat.  There is no voice of sanity at all.  It has devolved into sound bites and empty promises.  There is no principle at all.  Trump says he will make America great again but all of his promises require us to retain the fake money supply and indeed to take on more debt.  Who will pay for his corporate tax cuts and additional military funding?  The middle class??  GOOD LUCK!  The middle class will not pay because they cannot pay.  So Trump is full of horse shit.  On the other hand, corrupt Hillary says she will make Obamacare work but ratcheting up taxes on the rich.  GOOD LUCK!  The very nature of being rich means that you have choice, you have mobility!  The rich will say FUCK YOU Hillary on the way out the door and they will take their job creation potential with them.  Government simply cannot control prosperity or the economy.  It can seem to be able to do that for quite some time but only as long as it is all made to look good on the surface today by creating a mountain of unpayable debt for tomorrow.  So neither Hillary or Donald will be able to fix anything because neither of them want to fix anything.  They both just want to push forward with the status quo using new marketing tactics.

This is going to end badly.  That much is clear.  If you can't see it, look no further than the top 3 headlines over at Real Clear Politics:

Half the people think that Trump is such a threat that they would rather elect a known career criminal in the form of Hillary.  The other half are so afraid of Hillary that if she gets elected its the end of America.  Perhaps the most believable headline is the third one: "Good (fucking) luck to the next president".  Whoever gets sElected will have to deal with a total shitstorm of a mess:
- tanking economy.
- rising opportunism from Russia and China sensing a growing power vacuum as America loses its grip on the world.
- rising cost from so called entitlement programs as boomers move exponentially into retirement.
- falling revenue from millennials who have no job skills having gotten used to sucking the government teat.
- a money supply which will likely peak soon and then face a currency event as confidence is lost in the issuing authority.
- having to decide either to fix or to scrap Obamacare.  Fix meaning higher taxes on the more productive working class, scrap meaning broken promises to the less productive working and nonworking classes.

The US has never faced a challenge of this magnitude IMO and the outcome will not be pretty.  I continue to believe that some level of deunification will occur.  Not from California despite a tepid secession movement going on over there.  I read in one place that the secessionist from Cally are tired of paying for the rest of the USA.  What a joke.  Cally is billions in debt, a public employee pension system that is in shambles, etc.  Cally don't pay for its own consumption, much less that of anyone else.  But the point is that everyone thinks they are getting fucked by everyone else instead of realizing and understanding that it is not their neighboring state which has them under economic attack but rather because we all labor under a fake money supply which is now reaching or even past the Peak Ponzi Point.  Nobody was complaining when the pump was on except real Ron Paul style conservative but wait until the fake money supply begins working against us.  The same asshole liberals that supported the pump will be the loudest to decry the dump.  Watch and see!  The louder they are in hating it going forward, the more responsible they were in creating it up until now.

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