Monday, November 14, 2016

Megyn Kelly double standard

I don't think we should just forgive and forget everyone in the media who ganged up on Trump.  I think they need to be called out and they need to admit that they were kissing up to Hillary because they thought she was a sure thing.

After all, the media has the power to influence a very large number of weak minded people who have been taught by the establishment to do no critical thinking of their own.  It's actually part of the liberal agenda.  If you think I am just spewing bullshit here, have a look at one of the early posters promoting the EU.  Look at all the adults.  Their heads have been formed into blocks.  But look at the head of the baby, it's still round. Their brainwashing doesn't work on children that young.  Above it all and looking down upon his work is the inverted star which is the symbol of devil worship.  Oh yeah and what is the goal?  To build the new tower of Babel...  Not accidents folks.  None of it is accidental.

Remember when I reminded people that Howard Stern gets paid $90 million per year for being a disgusting asshole, not in a private setting which would be his right but rather broadcasting his spew to the world?  Yeah, well remember how offended Megyn Kelly acted when she reported on the release by team Clinton of Trumps locker talk? And then she just had to bring it up as a debate question as well (as if this is something of national interest which should determine if someone will do a good job as president or not...).

So if these words were so offensive coming from Trump who was just spouting off what he thought was private boy talk in a private 1:1 setting, then how come Megyn wasn't offended (in fact quite the opposite) when invited to the Howard Stern show where Stern first ogled her looks and then discussed anal sex with her, along with the particulars of her breasts as well as her husband's penis size, all the while as she laughed and smiled?  Look it up on Youtube, I don't even want to post the link to the disgusting pig Stern.  But it happened and she is not the only one.  WHAT A HYPOCRITE!

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