Friday, November 4, 2016

Corrupt Christie bridgegate cronies will be going to jail.

The two people singled out for prosecution in the so called bridgegate matter were both found guilty of seven significant charges each based on their involvement in purposely causing traffic problems in the hopes that the affected herd members would go attack their elected officials because of the inconvenience. 

These are not hand slap charges either folks.  They include conspiracy, fraud and civil rights deprivation on a massive scale.  For the two bozos involved, it was kind of like a joke.  They essentially said, yeah, lets fuck the people over without a second thought if it can be used to our own gain.  This is not something that someone comes up with out of the blue.  It was built up to over time.  Many similar actions had to have taken place before such that the two criminal conspirators, for that is now what they formally are, to have gone off in that direction so free and easy.  They had gotten away with it so many times in so many other ways that they completely forgot just how risky it could be.  But now they are going under the bus - thump! thump! - and these liberal assholes will literally be in tears when they find out that their lark just cost them 10-20 years in the slam.

And so it is happening as I suspected it would.  Minions who were essentially doing Christie's bidding have been thrown under the bus for things that they did hundreds of times for him in the past.  Christie will be lucky as Hell if, after hearing the massive sentences that are coming down, the convicts don't try to cut a deal to bring Christie or some other big name down in return for more lenient treatment for themselves.

Back in the day, some observant and informed person would have been called a conspiracy theorist for even suggesting that our public officials would ever stoop as low as Christie's staff did in this case.  They would have been laughed at and called paranoid by the sheeple of society.  But now we find that yes, it was a fucking conspiracy and the perps even got charged and convicted of conspiracy to prove it.   So you can bet that those who used to laugh the loudest at so called conspiracy theorists will be a little more careful in applying their derision in the future.  The signals are being sent out and the herd is paying attention.

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