Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Let's talk about the electoral college.

I've been getting a bunch of emails from organizations like Demand (liberal) Progress wailing about how Hillary won the popular vote but the electoral college "gave" the presidency to Trump.   Of course this is all just crying over spilt milk; the electoral college has been with us in one form or another since almost the very start of this country and it is childish to think that our genius founders put it in place without good reason.  Besides, its not like the rules changed after the vote.  The most important aspect of fairness is to follow pre-agreed upon rules.  It's like that for government, partnerships, marriage, you name it.  If you find later that the terms of the deal are not good, work to change the deal for the next time.  But nobody gets to change the rules of the card game after everyone has already played their hand.

Folks, our founders had the genius of experience on their side. They didn't put this kind of major indirection into a system without some kind of good and well considered reason.  The fact that most people don't understand the reason doesn't means there isn't one.  So here is the reason.  In short, we are a herding species which has been gathered into sub herds.  The liberals gather in densely packed coastal cities.  Liberals like this kind of living, packed together like sardines in a can.  There's nothing really wrong with it but conservatives tend to like to have some space for themselves.  We live in larger homes on larger areas of land and would not be caught dead in high density housing.  Big cities are interesting to visit but not where we want to live.  Again, there are pros and cons going each way.

The problem with a strict system of one person one vote is that all the liberals who huddle together in densely populated coastal cities outnumber the conservatives.  They are in many cases supported by government assistance as a way of "life".  In a mood of rising liberalism, the liberals thus grow in numbers and exist beyond their native carrying capacity.  Thus, without some kind of fairness mechanism the conservative perspective is lost in steering the country.  Now, if the liberals were paying for their way of life without government support then I could see an argument for going with a popular vote. After all, if their way of living is self supporting and successful then should not success be rewarded?

But they are not self sufficient on many levels.  They survive on rapidly growing government debt.  Conservatives, real conservatives, have nothing to do with government assistance of any kind.  We prefer to be responsible for our own living needs, even if that means having a back yard garden.  So the massive liberal density in big coastal cities could not even happen without the artificial support of it by big liberal government.  And conservatives pay a big part of that bill because conservatives value production and saving whereas liberal value consumption before production (i.e. debt).

In any case, the government support of liberals has artificially increased their absolute numbers to the point where a popular vote will always be won by liberals going forward. Now you might say, OK so be it.  A majority is a majority and majority rules.  And that might sound good to someone who thinks the founding fathers are idiots and didn't think about this in advance.  But there are a good number of states that represent a huge land mass of this country that simply would not agree to an exponentially rising liberal control.  So if you tell those people, sorry, the liberals are now in control forever, what do you think they will say and do?  That's right, there will be mass secession from these united states in a massive civil war.

This is why is is not only fair but smart not to let CA and NY and a few other hyper liberal states control without exception the destiny of all Americans.  The liberals have had the reigns (regardless of whether you went by the name Republican or Democrat) for 50 years now.  Its high time for the conservatives to have a seat at the helm.  Sit back and let someone else drive for a while.

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