Friday, November 11, 2016

Trump needs to keep his adult supervision close

Trump is a fucking child, no doubt.  You can see it in his every action.  But when hit in the face with a 2x4 board, even the spoiled rich child will learn.  Trump will learn how to handle things IMO.  He will actually grow with the office because for the first time in his life he has to listen to an adult else the blow back will be severe.  I expect we will see more of the following pattern:
  • Trump says or does something which may be technically correct but situation-ally stupid because he is acting on gut (and his gut is probably right or he would not be a billionaire IMO).
  • The action makes things worse and trump sees it, gets worried, decides to listen to an adult.
  • The adult(s) which surround him tell(s) him to take it down a notch, play the game passive aggressive, turn negatives into positives, not be seen as a dictator.
  • Trump says something new in response to the adult's advice which is 180 degrees from what he said earlier.

I have already seen this pattern many times from him.  He leads with his gut reaction to a situation.  While he has probably gauged the the truth of the situation correctly, he is still learning that the hard truth doesn't work well on emotional liberals.  They don't want to listen to truth.  They are too busy having an intellectual (so they would have us believe) temper tantrum.  So he has to step back a bit and then soft sell to the liberals.

These people HATE Trump's Apprentice TV show because they hate the notion that someone's best work might not be good enough.  They HATE the idea of someone sitting there in front of them and telling them in a firm but not mean tone of voice, thanks for your effort but you underperformed relative to the competition and I have to tell you that as a result, "you're fired".  The libs fucking hate that.  Why?  Because for liberals, trying is what counts.  Results really don't matter as long as they show up.  Conservatives of course appreciate effort but reward results.  Conservatives like to see winners, leaders and champions.  For the record, neither viewpoint is perfect. Both have strengths and weaknesses. 

In any case, Trump is learning he cannot be The Donald that people saw on his TV show.  At least not unless he wants a civil war.  He has to tone that down and stroke a few useless liberal egos in order to get them to stop whining, stop burning the flag, stop rioting, etc.   After all, they have college degrees so we should all care what they think (or so goes the pseudo-intellectual liberal mantra).

Today's evidence point of this is seen on the LA Times web site.  First Trump tweeted that the libs have their professional protesters out in the street trying to create regime change with what are essentially terrorist acts.  Then his adult handler(s) step in and tell him to tone it down at this point because the crowd has been whipped up into a rabid frenzy and is probably not thinking straight.  These things can devolve into much bigger problems very quickly given that the American people have never been more divided.  And so in response to advice from adults, Trump tweets that at least the protestors have passion for our country.  Nice spin, handlers of Donald!  It is much better to let the whining liberals run themselves out of energy than to be unnecessarily heavy handed with the police.  Let the stampede run its course, make a few concessions and move slowly in the right direction.  Slowly herd the sheeple away from the cliff which they seem so anxious to lemming their way off of.

By the way, when Obama won, I don't recall "rednecks" burning the flag.  So who are the stupid/childish/dangerous/irrational ones here, the so called uneducated rednecks (that actually produce something of value each day at their jobs) who voted for Trump or the childish liberals who got a useless liberal arts degree, live in their parent's basement with lots of student debt and dare to think of themselves as being "exceptional" and thus superior for being "educated"?  As a non-degreed engineer who has managed professional engineering teams I can tell you that the smartest and most productive engineer I ever worked with in my life, by far, was Pat M, a non-degreed SW engineer.  And the most useless POS I ever worked with was a Stanford grad named Phil who basically did no work and when I rated him poorly for it he actually brought up the fact that he graduated "with Distinction" 25 years prior.  I had to tell him that 25 year old achievements didn't matter as much to me as what he did over the past year and he got really upset about that.  Fucking liberal.

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