Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Hillary hopes Trump will keep his recent deal regarding not prosecuting her.

Hillary is showing all the submissive signs of a completely defeated opponent in the herd.  Today she is out telling her sheeple that she hopes trump will be good for all Americans.  She wants people to believe she cares about America and wants unity no matter what but in fact it is simply because she is a loser.  She has now lost all political power, all political bribes, all overpaid speaking engagements, everything.

Making nice nice with Trump is now her best hope of not going to jail forever.  As you can see, the Trump camp is leaving prosecution on the table in order to control Hillary, even allowing the media to call it a "campaign promise".  Yes, allowing!  Whereas the media would not give him the time of day before, the presstitutes will now have a whole new and much more conservative stance on EVERYTHING.  Oh how quickly the media will turn on Hillary now that they know she cannot be relied upon to pay them off.  If the media were truly loyal to her past that kind of fake, temporary loyalty that only fake Mammon Money can buy, they would not be talking like this.  They would be saying it is in Trump's best interest to move forward for America so we can all kum-bah-yah. 

In truth, Hillary will always be a dangerous snake and a smart Trump would find a way to have her head cut off without being involved in it directly.  He should immediately go on air and address this IMO.  He should make public statements that campaigns often turn negative and that is just politics but that he has no time or interest in pursuing criminal charges against Secretary Clinton.  At the same time, he should express the conservative sentiment that he will not interfere with the justice dept in any way as that is not his place.  If justice wants to investigate trump himself, he should say, then so be it.  A conservative does not fear this.  Likewise, if justice wants to go after Clinton then the president should just stay out of it.  Don't turn legal issues into political ones.

That is what Trump should publicly say.

And then he should have someone read between the lines his desire to see the head cut off of not only snake Hillary but snake Bill and the corrupt Clinton foundation too.  All with very plausible deniability of course.  In fact, perhaps that has already happened from new reports about large investigations ramping up.

But Trump should keep it down until Hillary makes several more public statements about her followers "owing" fealty to the new king, blah blah blah.  Why her followers don't ask how she can go from saying Trump and his "basket of deplorables" to "let's all get in line and genuflect with grace, shall we" is beyond me.  The fact that she made a deal or at least suggest a deal (and she would show good faith by doing her part of it immediately) on that concession call with him is more than obvious to anyone with an ounce of political insight or even common sense.  In short, she sold out all of what passed for her "principles" (she never had any) and she sold out her constituency in order to hopefully avoid aggressive prosecution by Trump.  She is not out there telling her herd "hey we put up a great campaign and we'll be back in 4 years".  Nope.  She is done because of having pulled defeat from the jaws of victory and her only hope right now is to avoid a richly deserved jail sentence for having sold the USA to the highest bidder for years now.

Bye Bye, Hillary.

But what we just witnessed wasn't just the death of Hillary and Bill Clinton's public life.  It was much bigger than that.  The odds were sooooo stacked against Trump that we have to consider this win as something much bigger than it might initially seem.  This is not just a changing of the political guard, it is the breakout confirmation 3rd wave that says peak liberalism in America is upon us.  Trump has a GOP executive branch, a GOP house, A GOP senate. 

That's the political trifecta and Trump is going to use it to rewrite the liberal shit supreme court.  Some of the liberal judges there will decide to retire now because they simply will not want to go head to head with the growing conservative firestorm that is happening in this country.  Trump will replace all the liberal dirt bags in our top legal positions.  Loretta Lynch might as well be packing her corrupt baggage right now.  Her ass is going to fly out of office very soon.

Glad I have a front row seat this has been a long time coming.

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