Sunday, November 13, 2016

The coming acid test about the Clinton Foundation.

Now that we are well into the 3rd wave of the new bull market in conservatism there is less utility in me wasting time mincing words and soft selling concept than before.  After all, if people only really read what they want to hear and the majority of the people are herding with a crowd that doesn't want to hear what I'm saying, the only way to get any readers at all is to soft sell a bit  Not that I feel I have done too much of it to date but more than a few words and more than a little time have been spent on taking off the hard edge on what has been so obvious to me for a long time even if others are just now fully waking up.

With that said want to reiterate that the Clinton Foundation is nothing more than an organized criminal front for influence peddling and for gathering of dirt on other people in order to control them politically.  Now for the fools and children out there who actually think this is a charitable organization, I have an acid test that is so simple and so obvious that everyone must agree that it will be a meaningful indicator to watch.

It's as simple as this: if CF is real charity then it won't matter that the joint political career of the Clintons has ended.  There will be no comeback attempt by Hillary in 2020.  She is done, Bill is done and their cronies are done.  Mark my words on that one.   So assuming that they are in fact done with politics (not by choice by by necessity), they can no longer use their political positions to sell influence.  If that's all the CF was about - influence peddling - then watch it wither and die within 3 years.  If it was more than that -if it was actually doing good- then the Foundation will live on past the end of the careers of its namesake.

And so, because it is my view that the Clinton Foundation was nothing more than a criminal enterprise whose energy source has been cut off, it will collapse within 3 years of today and it could happen much, much sooner.  Very few will give any more money to CF when it no longer has the ability to serve as the market place for corrupt political influence peddling.

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