Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Ohio campus attacks.

By now pretty much everyone has heard that 11 people were just injured by an ISIL sleeper terrorist on the campus of Ohio State U.  The SOB who did this first plowed into his victims with a car and then went after anyone he could with a butchers knife.  Survivors in the area had to wait for campus police to arrive in order to kill the terrorist.

I hope it is obvious to all liberals right now that if someone wants to do mass killing, they don't need a gun.  A car and a butcher's knife seemed to do the trick here.  While nobody is reported to have died from the attacks yet, that is more luck than anything else.  As you can see from history, if someone really wants to kill with a knife it is not difficult.  Shall we control cars?  Butcher's knives?  Do you see how silly you have been with all your gun control crap?  Who took this murderer down anyway?  A man with a wet noodle?  NO!  A good man with a gun.  Are police the only good men out there?  Are they the only ones I trust in a pinch?  No!  They are too often the bad guy these days.

It's a shame that 11 people had to be terrorized like this.  It happened as much of inability to defend themselves as of anything else.  Trust me, someone runs at me with a knife and that will be the last running they ever do.  Boom-boom, out go the lights on Johnny Jihad.  I almost wish the terrorist had tried this on the campus of UT (University of Texas).  Why?  Because it's legal in Texas for students to open carry.  Nobody would have had to wait for campus police to leave the doughnut shop and arrive on scene.  Some constitution loving person would have been right there with their 2nd amendment rights a-blazing at the bastard who did this.

So here's the thing.  If you want to walk around having outsourced your security to a police force that cannot possibly be there to help you when you need it, that's your right.  I think it's stupid but it is your right.  But if others would rather take ownership and responsibility for their own protection then back the Hell off and let them do that.  The life they save could be your own.

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