Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Jury tells government to piss off over Oregon park standoff

The Bundy family finally had to face charges for their take over of an Oregon wildlife preserve.  But despite best efforts of the authorities, the jury acquitted all seven of those charged in the matter.  Well, who would a thunk it?  After all, the government thugs always win these matters, don't they?  Well, again, not no more.  It didn't matter as much if the Bundys et al. were guilty of the laws as written IMO.  In fact, the laws are so numerous and so vague that pretty much anyone could be put on trial at any time for any reason these days.  The establishment is very used to the jury saying, "well, if the government has them on trial then they must be morally wrong if not legally guilty, so allow Caesar to throw the book at them".  

Those days are over.  Increasingly we will find that people identify with the accused and thus they make it harder and harder for government to get the easy wins that they have become so accustomed to.  I predict we will see an exponential rise in jury nullifications going forward. Really bad people will still get put in jail but unless the jury feels threatened by the defendant we will see the jury ignore the trumped up evidence or ignore the law completely and vote for acquittal for nonviolent, non-victim crimes.  The reason is simple: conservatives don't care to control other people's actions as long as they aren't hurting others.  Liberals, and I mean true liberals with no automatic implication on Democrats, are control freaks.  Many liberal GOPs are control freak liberals.  We have to separate the political party connotation from the denotation of the words conservative and liberal if we want to understand the direction of the future.

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