Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Trump vs Hillary: was it even close?

I just watched Trump up on stage saying that he had just gotten off the phone with Hillary.  She was in a big hurry, it seems, to concede the race.  Fox news, which was withholding its analysis on the important state of PA regarding a Trump win, had not even officially conceded PA to Trump yet to push him over 270 electoral votes.  Clinton's Podesta had just told Hillary supporters to go home and they would hear more tomorrow.  It was not upbeat but it was no concession speech.  It left hope for Hillarites.  But Hillary has now picked up the phone and cut a deal with Trump: let me go gracefully and promise not to assemble a special prosecutor on me and I will concede and tell my zombies to follow you.

Trump intelligently took the deal and went onto his podium to thank Criminal Hillary for her years of service (she's done now folks...) and then, again intelligently, said a few words about reducing the divide that exists within the American people and basically promised not to go on a vendetta against those who opposed him by all and various corrupt means.  It was actually a good speech with not quite as much of the usual empty repetition that is Trump's hallmark talking style.

So Hillary will not likely see a special prosecutor driven by Trump IMO although Trump would be wise to stand out of the way of others who want to use the legal system to extract vengeance upon Hillary now that all of her political power has collapsed like it was the twin towers.  All Trump has to do is say he will not be influencing due process of law and then let jackals other than himself chew the flesh from her worthless bones.  Trump, after all, will have enough of his own problems going forward trying to make good on promises to rebuild bridges and roads and infrastructure and inner cities, etc.  If it was not economically feasible before, don't ask Trump how its suddenly economically feasible now.

Where, dear Trump, will you get the money for all these promises?  You already plan on reducing taxes on businesses.  Yes, there probably is a cash repatriation tax windfall waiting for you.  Companies which are storing profits outside the US will get a repatriation tax amnesty deal and only pay 10 or 15% corporate tax.  That cash has been piling up for a while so it is going to be a pretty good windfall.  Unfortunately, it is a one and done thing and it is peanuts compared to the spend needed to do all the things Trump thinks he is going to do and so most of what he is promising is bullshit.  Trump after all is not a very strong conservative as I have noted on many occasions.  He is simply the best we could do during this transition period from rabid liberalism back to conservatism (which itself will become rabid at the end of its cycle).

I fear what Trump will finally do is fall back onto his legacy as the so called "king of debt", something he called himself in fact.  It really is the only way to have any real spending power in a down economy.  And Trump really does mean that he plans to haircut those who loaned us money as soon as it becomes undeniable that we can not repay the debt.  So expect to see inflation coming at some point.  Not because of money printing but rather because of loss of confidence in the issuing authority.

But those things are in the future.  For now, the news media is stunned that Trump won.  They call it the greatest political upset of our generation.  It's ridiculous to try to be too humble about it so I'll just say, they would not be so shocked it they read my blog and understood my unique world view.  I have been on record for a long time saying that my socionomic model saw/sees a big new conservative wave sweeping the USA and the world and that the result would be that Hillary would lose.

Long time readers might remember this prescient post which was audaciously penned way back in April of 2015 wherein  I wrote, "Right now, many think she is the front runner.  There is certainly no GOP candidate that has her name recognition, not even close.  In addition... I agree that she will raise "insane amounts of money".

But I want to be on record yet again saying that, according to my socionomic models, she will not win.  In fact, it should not even be close.  I think the 2016 elections will change the long standing view that money can buy any election and I think it will be a shock to the global political elite who are used to using Mammon Money to buy everything, including fake/temporary loyalty.  I think the herd is awakening in a way where it will vote principles over false promises.

I admit that this is like trying to pick the very bottom of a trend in honesty or the very peak in a trend of corruption.  The odds are always with the status quo until they are not.  But I have been presenting proof points for my "new conservative wave" model for some time and they still seem, in aggregate, to be supporting my views.

If I am right, Hillary will not win despite record spend and those doing the spending will be weakened financially and politically.  It will hurt them so badly that they will think twice before trying it again because I suspect they will go "all in" on Queen Hillary.

Time will tell how this plays out but on this front I am certainly a contrarian voice.".

That's right, little old me wrote that when everyone else was so sure Hillary was a shoo in.  There is, after all, a bigger picture happening that can only be seen though the eyes of the Elliott wave principle.  

I said that it would not even be close so let's examine that.  While Hillary has conceded, the final electoral count is not in yet.  But Trump took Florida and Pennsylvania.  He's also leading handily in the last two sizeable electoral vote states (AZ and MI with 11 and 16 electoral votes respectively).    So he will likely push 300 before it is said and done.   Additionally, he won the popular vote.  So if you add it all up then you really have to admit that it wasn't even close.


Anonymous said...

Trump,,,make up as a person,,is to not stand aside, but push and double down.

Just watch as to how bad it gets.

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Augustine said...

It was rewarding to watch the faces of the media presstitutes when all their carrying the water for Her came to nothing.

He will probably let the current investigations go on, especially the one on Her foundation, and nail Her crime family then.

But, as indeed you foresaw, this changes nothing the next few years. The fate of America and the world is sealed. The difference is that, with Him, we will probably not die incinerated in a Russian nuclear blast.

Good bless america, for we need it badly.

Chance_Nation said...


You called it way back when. I'm just glad I didn't bet you any money!



The Captain said...
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The Captain said...

You were smart enough back then to give me credit/benefit of doubt for track record earned up until that time. You deserve credit for that. It is actually a fairly uncommon trait in a rising liberal environment. Liberals don't tend to give fair credit for any real accomplishment by others, they value cronyism over achievement.

As a member of a herding species it is very difficult to be an outspoken conservative when the herd is traveling left. Notice how few comments I got on that post. 15 thousand people read my blog that month but very very few wanted to take the risk of publicly agreeing or at least not disagreeing... even when most commenters here do so anonymously.

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