Monday, November 7, 2016

Washington Examiner: Wikileaks shows more collusion between Clintion and main stream media.

Hillary might win the election but she will eventually lose the war IMO.  The skeletons just keep wikileaking out of her abundantly full closet.  This time it is just another case of the Clinton campaign working closely with paid for main stream media to make her look presidential despite the fact that she is a career criminal.

Of course, all of this is short term noise.  No matter who wins, we will eventually have to pay the piper for having lived too long on the national credit card.  Watch for rising interest rates.  The are coming even though the recent mention of it by Greenspan suggests that, like irrational his prior calls about irrational exuberance which took more time to come about than he expected, there is a bit of time left before the bond market loses confidence in the con men controlling the issuing authority.

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