Friday, November 4, 2016

Why are some brits so damned funny?

Nice rant about how Michael Moore is a sack of shit.  Everything said there would be true enough without the British accent but was downright entertaining to listen with it.  This kind of thing smacks of wild desperation by Team Hillary.  I think that Matt Lauer session is showing Hillary what I said was going to happen all along as part of the conservative wave.  People who are supposedly bought off will decide not to go along with the program the way they used to.  They will decide that the Mammon money is feeling a bit sticky and dirty and that they are tired of selling their souls cheaply. 

When the fake money looses its power to get the sheeple to heel, the jig is dangerously close to being up.  It is happening right in front of our eyes: more and more people (like Lauer) are breaking with the status quo.  It should be clear by now that Hillary went into that "interview" with a clear script that Lauer was supposed to be following.  She got everyone up and down the chain of command to agree to it or she never would have stepped foot in the ring.  Lauer must have agreed to it up front as well but then simply blindsided Hillary with all those fastball and screwball pitches (instead of the underhand ones Hillary thought were coming).

Some are doing it because they have had their hands elbow deep in the cesspool long enough.  Lauer is probably in that camp.  He probably couldn't sleep nights or stand to be alone with himself anymore for having participated in the take down of America though the brainwashing media.  Others are doing it because they know Hillary is right: if anyone but her gets elected then her and all her cronies will be wearing legal nooses.  Still others are doing it simply because they see the rest of the herd moving in that direction.  Regardless of the reasons, it is clear that organized crime is on the run and conservatives who have pretty much given up on the corrupt institution of US politics have begun to give a shit again. 

I am not a Johnny come lately to this way of thinking.  There is a reason I have been writing all of these things in such detail for the past several years and that was so that people would know that not all of us were fooled by what was going on.  To those of you who are just now waking up I want to say that you are not stupid for having fallen into the lemming haze.  Your brain is hard wired for it.  Its called herding behavior and most of the population is controlled by it.  The few that aren't are often considered antisocial or are even outcasts. 

Note that it really isn't to the credit of those who did not fall under the hypnotic spell because, again, it is mainly due to genetics and not as a result of being just so smart; the wiring is simply different.  In fact, many who fell under the spell are far smarter than I will ever be and that, in fact, is why they are going to be so pissed off when they realize how badly they had fallen into the spell.  When you see very smart liberals who used to support The System at at all costs themselves begin to shout their beloved system down you will know it is mainly because they know they are intelligent.  Their anger will be more tied to their embarrassment about having been fooled than anything else.

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