Saturday, November 5, 2016

Trump in 3rd wave up in New Hampshire.

What used to look like a sure thing for Clinton seems to be a whole lot less certain now that actual exit poll data is rolling in.  In this recent chart we see that Hillary peaked into 5 waves up into early nov but has now put in a motive down stroke at the same time that trump's 5 waves up into green 1 pulled back into green 2 and is now taking off in a very bullish fashion into wave 3.  As I said before Hillary was under attack and so she had to pull the Trump Tapes out earlier than she really wanted to.  But look at the chart.  All that did was cause green 2 to form in a 3 wave move back to the level of the prior 4th.  Gee, where have we heard that one before?

Yes, dear readers, Elliott waves are alive and well in the poll data because Elliott waves are built into the fabric of the universe; they are part of the inescapable essential order that separates what we currently see around us from chaos.  Elliott waves stand right alongside the periodic table of the elements to show us that the universe is not random at all.  Neither is it an evolution although adaptation is certainly part of nature.  I hope nobody out there thinks that the periodic table is an artifact of evolution...  No folks, the building blocks of the universe did not evolve.  They are based on mathematical order.  Math is the language of the universe.  Math is not an evolution.  Mathematical order is a sign of intelligent creation.

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